Introduction to Microsoft Power BI Overview, Features and Benefits


Business Intelligence (BI) has become the latest must for every modern business since it is driving increased profitability and growth through digital transformation and smarter business analysis. The brighter prospects of BI lie within its ability to transform large data volumes from multiple unrelated sources into concise and meaningful insights, to help enterprises with well-thought decision making. Although there are several toolsets available in the BI world, the Microsoft Power BI has its distinctive appeal, and that is mainly because of the value that it delivers.

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What is Microsoft Power BI Suite?

Power BI is a collection of different software, apps, connectors and service systems, that act in collaboration to transform your unrelated data sources to produce coherent, visually appealing, and interactive business insights. Irrespective of the nature and type of your data source, i.e., whether it is an on-premises data source or a cloud-based collection, BI is smart enough to connect you with your database quickly while also facilitating you to visualize, analyze, and share it. BI smartly understands and interprets the ongoing data trends, and it smartly pulls out the patterns to bring light to the new valuable business insights.  Data received from multiple sources can be bundled using Power BI, and the reports generated can also be accessed by all the stakeholders to determine the gaps.

Features of Power BI Suite

1. Strong Access Control and Security

Power BI runs row-level security, which facilitates the allocation of data access right at different levels. In this way, it increases data security as well as general report

2.  Smooth Application Integration

Power BI integrates very easily with modern as well as old enterprise systems and applications, and leverage powerful reporting analytics and data visibility.

3.  Customized Power BI Dashboards

The customized BI dashboards are the most lucrative feature in the entire suits, which allow easy insertion of BI reports into dashboards to provide an excellent user experience.

4.  Performance & Intelligence Altogether

The DAX (Data Analysis Expression) scripting language and the technology of in-memory assessment are perfect examples of the balance between intelligence and performance.

5.  Clear Roadmap

Power BI has sprawling features that can be used effectively throughout the firm’s business intelligence journey to figure out the possible enhancements that can be considered in the future.

 Benefits of Power BI Suite

1.  Any Data, Anywhere, Anytime

With Power BI, you don’t need any setup, training, and credit card. Instead, you can sign-up, access, and monitor your data anytime, from anywhere in the world. With dashboards, fortified with software services like Dynamics, Google Analytics, and Salesforce, you can get instant insights into your data and performance in no time.

2.  Real-Time Power

The powerful BI dashboards also let you instantly know whenever your business needs immediate response or attention. It will also allow you to resolve issues and to grab the opportunities as soon as they arise.

3.  Content Curation

With Power BI, you can create and circulate content and information to the entire organization or particularly with your team. The datasets, reports, and dashboards in your Power BI app offer a personalized view of business metrics to each user.

4.  Get Everyone on the Same Page

Power BI empowers you to make confident and quick decisions while ensuring that everyone is on the same page while using similar and correct data.

5.  Data Driven, Intelligent Decision Making

With Power BI, your data game is always on, no matter where you go. Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows applications, your data access with Power BI is just a touch away.

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