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5 Major Points to Keep in Mind for Building an Ecommerce Website

Bill Gates was not joking when he stated, “Your business will be out the business if it is not on the internet’. Statista reported that over 60% of the global population is spending some part of their money on online shopping. This has opened up new prospects for business organizations to invest in e-commerce website […]

Key Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for the Future of Business

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have started to become a very popular concept in our world. It has become a huge part of our everyday lives, we don’t even realize how involved AI is in our daily tasks! You can either be one of those people who are anticipating a harmonious world were humans and […]

Benefits of Agile Methodology for Mobile App Development

Though one may assume otherwise, mobile app development is anything but easy. You need to be concerned with the development procedure while also being mindful of how your application will perform in the market, will it work? Or won’t it? Something that may seem like a successful venture during the prototype phase may not perform […]

Why Do Companies Decide to Develop Their Corporate Site Using SharePoint?

The modern business world requires corporate intranet to be much more than merely a communication medium for transiting information and documents among employees. A corporate intranet lacking the strategic dimensions to adapt and change with the user interaction is static. And, it can only become successful, if it has an appealing homepage which motivates users […]

Who Will Win the Battle? SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2019

SharePoint has come a long way, and it is nothing but amazing to see the constant innovation that Microsoft has been introducing to the platform over the years! With the release of SharePoint 2019, SharePoint Server finally gets modern and includes a major set of the features that are already available in SharePoint Online. Now […]

Top 10 Business Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint Online

Microsoft SharePoint has been around us for almost 18 years, and since its launch, it has become the first choice of the business organizations for a collaboration resource at an enterprise level. However, it was not the case until the release of SharePoint 2007, when business organizations started to harness the real powers of online […]

3 Ways Business Intelligence Can Improve Your Business

Modern business organizations are investing aggressively in Business Intelligence (BI), and the biggest reason for that is the BI capabilities that can significantly improve the organizational efficiency and as a result, overall productivity and profitability too. BI has been progressively evidenced to be helping enterprises in transforming their raw data into valuable insights and actions […]

Undeniable Benefits of Using a Microsoft SharePoint DMS

The significance of an efficient Microsoft SharePoint Document Management System(DMS)  is irrefutable for the successful functioning of a business organization, in modern times. With the increased dependency of companies over client/employee/user data, the need to organize and sort huge data volumes is becoming important with every passing day. DMS has lately become the ultimate choice […]

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