Integrating SharePoint with Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow has grown considerably in the last couple of years and has become a serious competitor of SharePoint Designer. However, there have been some speculations about how it would eventually replace SharePoint Designer given that Microsoft Flow will be not be releasing any new versions of itself, according to the news. With recent announcements, […]

Migrating Nintex Workflows to SharePoint

The process of migrating Nintex workflows onto SharePoint Online is slightly more complicated than the typical method employed for migration onto SharePoint On-Premise. There are a few things you need to ensure before you begin the process of migration. Everything has a pre-process and a post-process. When migrating complex workflows onto SharePoint Online, it is […]

How to Create Custom Workflows in SharePoint

For organization level collaboration and sharing, SharePoint is the best platform out there. Reading more into it might convince you that it is the right choice for you too! It is important to recognize that while using SharePoint, you will need to create custom workflows for any business process to initiate. There are several ways […]

How to Migrate Microsoft Access to SharePoint Online

Microsoft Access provides you with a great platform to create useful databases that you can then use on SharePoint. The database you want to create is designed on Access services, and people with SharePoint accounts can use the database through a website browser. How it Works Once a web database is published, Microsoft Access creates […]

Migrating Power Pivot to SharePoint 2016

If Microsoft SharePoint plays a vital role in internal communication if your organization, it is right for you to consider SharePoint migration. In the frequent updates Microsoft has been releasing, it has become quite evident just how capable SharePoint is quite capable of handling everything your organization demands. Power Pivot happens to be a feature […]