Examples of What Our Flows Can Be Used For

    Every task is easily automated with the help of Microsoft flows that range from simple push notifications to complex business processes that have predefined steps for themselves. The most common use that organizations get out of our flows are trigger notifications. Our automated workflows are authorized to seen out emails to representatives in sales and purchasing departments with a message containing relevant details. Ultimately, it all comes down to the complexity of your task and the ability of the IT team behind the job. Following is a list of other uses you can get out of automated flows our developers create for you.

    • You can use our flows to copy files that have been added to OneDrive or Dropbox for business
    • Instant integrations with SharePoint are possible with our workflows
    • A flow can be used to collect data such as peoples’ opinions regarding a brand, which can include tweets, public posts or messages

    Microsoft Flow Bot

    You can also use Microsoft Flow not to work in team workspaces. With the help of this hot, your employees will be able to trigger flows within conversations. This comes in handy especially when team members want to flag issues as soon as possible in order to evade possible future loss in the organization.

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    Key Features of Microsoft Flow

    While workflows created cannot integrate with other products created by Microsoft, it can be used simultaneously along with many apps and services called connectors that perform my h like an API privy that allows your workflows to utilize services offered by Microsoft such as PowerApps, Azure and cloud-services. A few examples of these proxy connectors are as follows:

    • SQL Server
    • Twitter
    • Box
    • Salesforce
    • DocuSign
    • Slack
    • Google Drive
    • Skype
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