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Are you struggling with ensuring that your employees always have access to critical project information, documents and CAD drawings? Then, get your enterprise SharePoint Online, which is a cloud-based platform that can help you seamlessly collaborate across the project span; while empowering document & content management, information sharing and teamwork.

SharePoint Is the New Dimension to Streamlined Project Management

SharePoint is one of the best collaborative platforms that we have in modern times. With its powerful features and countless benefits, SharePoint allows you to leverage all the benefits of the on-premise infrastructure while enjoying the convenience of remote access and unlimited storage, especially for large-scale projects which involved hundreds of documents.

SharePoint for engineering sites helps to resolve project management challenges in a quick, secure & up-to-date manner.

With SharePoint engineering sites/team-sites, you can easily create project team-sites for document & information sharing and portals to discover and collaborate within or outside the enterprises. The powerful SharePoint features include;

  • Seamless Collaboration
  • Security & Compliance
  • Remote Access Using Any Device
  • Insightful Decision Making

SharePoint as an Advanced Enterprise - Level Solution for Engineering Firms

SharePoint has been progressively adopted by engineering firms as an enterprise-level solution which helps them relishing the following;

Streamline Workflows

SharePoint is capable of data aggregation from disparate sources and systems, to allow both on-site and remote employees to access easily project relevant data while allowing them to contribute to the content, and to collaborate seamlessly across the project life.

Simplified Project Management

For large-scale projects, SharePoint provides an efficient setup for managing your document, e-mails, tasks and contact, with quick and easy navigation whenever needed. It also provides you with multiple built-in templates that can be used to speed up the setting process for any new project, ensuring that all the members in the project team get access to the important information.

Better Business Effects

SharePoint provides your firm with better abilities to control project performance and employee productivity through customizable dashboards, that can be built using SharePoint Online and on-premise environment.

Why Choose Code Creators?

We Are Professionals?

Code Creators has a dedicated team of SharePoint engineers and experts that have been associated with diverse SharePoint Online and On-Premise projects for so many years now. This makes us fully capable of precisely meeting requirements of our clients; regardless of the size, business type or industry, they belong to.

We Understand Your Needs?

SharePoint is your ultimate resort if you have an unstructured and disorganized document management setup for large-scale projects in your enterprise right now. However, if you are struggling with your finances and cannot afford the cost, personnel and hassles of in-house structure; then migrating to SharePoint Online can resolve all your issues with its unlimited storage, amazing speed and high customization levels.

We Hold Long-Term Expertise in SharePoint Online Solutions?

CCI is a maven when it comes to delivering exceptionally well-performing SharePoint engineering solutions that are designed and installed exactly following your business needs. At CCI, our experts use a tried & tested methodology to analyze your needs, addressing your pain points, and empowering you to achieve your business objective with higher productivity and enhanced workplace collaboration.

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Get Scalable, Cost-Effective, Customizable SharePoint Online Solutions

At Code Creators, we offer cost-effective, customizable SharePoint engineering solutions for both large and small organizations. Our innovative tools, dedicated team of experts professional and advanced stack of technology helps enterprises getting custom solutions that precisely meet their needs.

Revel in Significant Cost Reduction

We guarantee the attainment of optimal benefits to your business with our partnership and product; at the minimum possible costs, to help you reduce your overall costs of operations. Because, with SharePoint, you will no longer need an in-house project management infrastructure and workforce.

Get Highly-Integrated, Streamlined Business Processes

Our SharePoint engineers help you get your SharePoint engineering solutions completely integrated with your existing system so that you attain streamlined project operations.

Get Uninterrupted SharePoint Assistance

With a vast experience in SharePoint consultancy and a 100% success rate in SharePoint engineering solutions’ development and integration, we provide inexpensive, customized, scalable and out-of-the-box options for enterprises of all types and sizes. By partnering with us, you can get the following range of services;

  • Hourly SharePoint Consulting
  • Customized SharePoint Solutions
  • SharePoint Configuration
  • SharePoint Workflows
  • SharePoint Training
  • SharePoint Assessment