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Code Creators provides its clients with innovative, unique and efficient ERP platforms that help automate repetitive business tasks on a daily basis.

Enterprise Resource Planning And What It Does

In the recent times, ERP software solutions have gained a lot of popularity for small, and large enterprises alike. It is considered to be a sublime and centralised approach towards business processes. with the help of our ERP software solutions, you can easily collect, manage, store and also interpret data from various sources. Don’t you wish that you had some way of automating back office tasks along with streamlining cross departmental workflows? Code Creators give you a way with its stellar ERP Software Solutions. When your organisation is optimised, these particular ERP solutions can help create more profitability and reduce your overall cost.

Are you an organisation that is still in the market looking for solution for all of its back-end and repetitive tasks that take forever? You’re in luck because we have the answer you have been looking for.

What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning which is also known as an ERP software is a suite of applications that helps to manage several core business processes like purchasing and sales, accounts, HR, CRM, customer support along with inventory. ERP software is an integrated system when compared to several individual softwares that are designed for unique business processes. When it was originated, in ERP softwares were initially for large organisations only due to their capital hardware requirement, numerous recitations, a dedicated team 207 complex requirements, upgrades along with maintenance costs. However, Code Creators has made full use of its flexibility to create solutions for organizations of all sizes and niches ensuring that nobody gets left behind. This has been made possible by SaaS technology that gives vendors the opportunity to sell ERP solutions to medium and small enterprises alike. These vendors sell modules separately or in a bundle, and also offer users hardware and technical maintenance services that they themselves manage.

Popular Examples of ERP Softwares


In order to make you understand the capabilities that a good ERP software brings with itself, we have compiled a list of several leading software solutions in the industry that utilize this tool. These platforms are widely popular, for their integrated interfaces innovative features, configurable systems and scalability. Who knows, maybe your organisation can join this list soon as well!

  • Safe Intacct
  • NetSuite ERP
  • Oracle ERP Cloud
  • Odoo
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Z Suite ERP

Why Your Organization Needs an ERP Software

The main purpose of an ERP software is to increase the efficiency in an organisation, streamline all processes and promote a culture of healthy collaboration within the enterprise itself. But here is the answer you are looking for, it leads to a better bottom line. Here is a list of some of the many advantages that in ERP software brings to you.

Improved Efficiency

Repetitive business processes in the departments of accounts, sales, production, marketing, and inventory are easily done within one ERP platform. With a ERP software automating day to date tasks like these and creating reports on a daily basis, think of how much time your organisation is going to save.

Healthy Collaboration

Heavy barriers between departments are broken down with the help of an ERP software. Data silos are easily integrated and workstations are linked together. Things that were previously worked with a vacuum can now easily collaborate with other departments with the help of an ERP platform.

Increased Data Security

ERP solutions come with destruction controls and secure firewalls in order to protect our users against any possible data breaches at no extra cost.

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