What is Artificial Intelligence?

    Artificial intelligence also commonly referred to as AI is a computer or a computer-controlled robot’s ability to accomplish certain tasks that can otherwise only be done by intelligent beings. This particular term is used for the developed and developing systems that are allowed to be endowed with certain intelligent characteristics that only humans possess, such as the ability to discover meaning, to reason, learn from previous mistakes and to generalize. Ever since the first computer was created in the early 40s, this has always been the ultimate future we were all heading towards. However, we must understand that regardless of the progress that AI has made so far, it is still no match for human flexibility.

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    We at Code Creators do what we can to provide our clients with stellar AI development services in Canada to make their everyday lives more comfortable. Think about it, who are we without artificial intelligence in these trying times? Saying something as simple as “Okay Google” so you can command your phone to do your bidding falls under the realm of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Think about how much your organization can benefit while banking on this ground-breaking idea, coupled with our excellent artificial development services? The world would be your oyster.

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    We understand that hardware, staffing, and software costs can weigh an organization heavy, especially if it is for a new concept such as artificial intelligence. Equipment to create AI software doesn’t come cheap. However, for a company such as Code Creators, it is surely more convenient. Over the many years, we have spent in the development industry, we have cultivated relationships with software and hardware vendors who provide us with reliable options, at cost price! You too can benefit from this when you hire our services by outsourcing your AI development project to us at Code Creators.

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    Examples of Where You Can Use AI Technology

    AI can be used in several kinds of technology. Here we have compiled a few examples for you to see how AI can benefit you as well.

    Machine Vision

    This is the science that gives computers the ability to see with the use of a camera by capturing and analyzing visual information, conducting an analog to digital conversion, and processing digital signals. Though machine vision is often compared to human eyesight, it is not bound by the laws of biology; this means that a computer can be taught to see through a wall with the help of x-ray vision. Computer vision can be used for medical image analysis to signature processing.


    National language processing is the processing of human language with the help of a computer. The most common example of this is spam detection, which allows an email service to read the subject line of an email and determines whether it is junk or priority mail. This is made possible with the help of AI technology.