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With SharePoint Online we make your imagination a reality.

Through Advanced SharePoint Online Customization, and Expert SharePoint Online Administration, we can create a SharePoint Cloud Infrastructure perfect for your business.

SharePoint for Small Business

Our services are targeted for all businesses, not just enterprises. Our consultants have vast experience for SharePoint for businesses. We offer SharePoint development solutions that are cost effective and help smaller businesses optimize their SharePoint presence and allow for seamless collaboration. We guide small businesses on best practices and how to leverage their brand through SharePoint Online services, SharePoint 2016 online or Office 365 Sharepoint Online. We also provide all our clients with extensive training manuals and in person training sessions.

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SharePoint for Enterprises

Through the years we've worked on numerous SharePoint projects for our Enterprise clients. Projects have ranged from large scale Migrations to SharePoint Online, to SharePoint Sub Site Branding and creating fully automated SharePoint Workflows. Our consultants can walk you through real life examples of what we’ve done with other clients to give you a better idea of how to optimize your SharePoint Cloud Infrastructure. With our expertise we can make the most complicated SharePoint project easy for you! We will also provide detailed documentation so you can learn more about SharePoint as well!

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Our Process of SharePoint Online Success

Our SharePoint team works on the complete project lifecycle; starting from the idea to the final stage until the expected deliverables are achieved. We delve into your business insights to ensure that our solutions align completely with your business needs.   


Our projects start with a Gap Analysis, to ensure we identify the issues in the current set up and understand the goals the client is trying to achieve with the project.


In our planning phases, our SharePoint Consultants work on developing the detailed scope of the project. The scope will detail our project plan, potential risks and how we aim to mitigate them. A detailed project plan will ensure all our work is delivered on time without any errors.


Our execution strategy is different from our competitors. We have a hybrid approach where we use tools we’ve built specifically for SharePoint Online along with our Domain Experts Knowledge, ensuring a smooth project delivery. Through weekly Sprint Reviews, our clients are always aware of our progress.


As we work on Agile Development, testing is a key component of our development process. Once execution is completed, we conduct rigorous post development testing to confirm all functions are working as intended. We use automated tools and manual testing for more detailed results.


Validation is a point which a lot of other companies miss, but we consider extremely important. Once execution and testing is complete, we work with project owners on the client side to ensure all objectives of the project have been met.


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