Trends in Mobile App Development

Over the past few years, an exploded usage of mobile application has been witnessed. With an ever increasing adoption of advance mobile phones, the tech savvy consumers of the modern times are progressively using mobile applications for everything they do; ranging from ordering food to ticket booking and from bank transactions to watch movies etc. […]

10 Key Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) is an innovative and invaluable analytic tool that businesses utilize to analyze data and gain deep insights regarding their operation. This forms a support for organizations that lean heavily upon data in their decision-making. This is a key component of businesses to drive competitiveness and efficiency to a new level. The […]

iOS VS Android App Designs – What’s the Difference?

iOS or Android is a never-ending debate as both are the leading platforms in the mobile industry. Ever since their inceptions, there is an ongoing argument which one is better iOS or Android? However, until now no clear understandings have been found to sum it up in an answer. The differences between iOS and Android […]

Differences between SharePoint Online and Office 365

SharePoint online and office 365 are two tools that have been developed by Microsoft to aid in the execution of certain office tasks. They are interconnected tools and one of the most popularly used in getting tasks done faster and more efficiently. What are the unique features that each possesses which you can leverage on […]

Top 5 Best Hybrid App Framework 2018

Mobile app development is no longer a daunting task because of the growth in the best hybrid app framework 2018. Starting with the basic definition, hybrid app development is the process to build mobile apps that can easily function on a number of platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and more. It is a cost-effective phenomenon […]

Tips on How to Make Responsive Website Design Successful

Responsive web design is no longer a trend or a buzzword in the web industry. Instead, it is a ‘must’ because without it you cannot sustain your presence in the business for long. With the term ‘responsive’ it doesn’t mean that the world is shifting to smart devices so we should focus only on creating […]

Responsive Web Design Tutorial For Beginners

In the past, the desktop was the only thing to view the website, so the developers used to create websites for a fixed size. The dimensions which were set at first didn’t need changes later no matter which screen size you choose. The idea of a Responsive Web Design came when a tonne of devices […]

How to Build a Mobile App that Makes Million

In the future, mobile apps are going to be everywhere be it Healthcare, Sports, Entertainment, Banking or Real Estate. If you want to generate profit with a mobile app, you need to think of an idea that works. Like any successful app, creating an app begins with research and brainstorming on the ideas that click […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing Your App Development

The advent of technology in the modern world has made mobile apps a necessity for all business. Mobile apps have become a vital resource to sustain your business today and in future. Since its origination, more than 4 billion mobile apps have come into existence and is still evolving. It gives people the convenience to […]