10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Personalized Mobile Application?


It started with desktops, thinner desktops, smaller desktops and then came mobiles. The integrated effects of mobile devices, IT advancements, and the internet brought mobile apps into the market, and since then, the way this world used to shop, learn, cater, consume entertainment, invest, etc has changed.

This post-Desktop era is clearly dominated by smartphones and mobile applications. As per one survey, over 68% of the US population owns a smartphone and almost every smartphone user is dependent on one or other apps. These are applications for almost everything.

Many of the successful mobile app development companies in USA have their own apps in the market or they use in-house applications to organize operations. Mobile applications have reached the roots of consumer behavior and influencing it. However, in case you are not sure if you should a mobile application for your business, here is something to feed your thinking process:

Even if you are a small business or a proprietorship, mobile applications are for you.

  1. Massive Visibility

Considering the number of smartphone users available across the globe, the use of a smartphone is done on a massive scale. Imagine you have your business application in the smartphones of these mobile users!

It is scientifically proven that the human brain remembers visuals and images even if they pass through our attention in a second. Applications, with a catchy logo and name, would attract users’ attention faster.

Having your app on their mobile screen will bring more visibility to your business and help you get the desired business growth, through more leads or shares.

  1. Better Brand Recognition

When it comes to providing services or selling products to the desired target, you have to have a reputation and a trustworthy image in the market.

Customers are not going to buy your offerings if they do not know you. Your brand value and its recognition and acceptance in the market provoke people in making the right decision.

Mobile apps help in building effective brand value and reliability for your offerings. Anything which can be reached, seen and understood is easy for people to consider. If you want your brand to stay in people’s minds, you have to be present in front of them as many times as they wish to see and you wish them to see, hence mobile applications.

Let your business mobile application be interactive, include all the offerings of your business, testimonials, discounts, etc. to attract and engage customers. The more engaged and related your customer feels to your app, the higher are the chances of the app users buying your offerings.

  1. A Tool of Direct Marketing

Traditional marketing tools are gone ancient now. Hardly anybody focuses on hoardings nowadays. And why not? Marketers have found a more relatable, cost-friendly, and attractive way of tapping target customers. We are by all means talking about mobile apps.

Mobile apps are capable of reaching a large number of people, 24*7. No need to appoint a salesperson to approach people face to face or no more visiting houses or companies physically. A mobile app is capable of marketing and gathering data too.

Plus, you have your own platform where you can share information, distribute newsletters, offer discounts, etc. Plus, you are reaching your customers directly, so no scope for interpretation of information or loss of information in between.

  1. Increased Accessibility

Do not forget about the accessibility you have in terms of customer data and your customer has in terms of the information, services, and products he / she wishes to explore. Think of accessibility in terms of demographics and geography too.

  1. Better Customer Service

Never forget that having a personalized mobile application allows you to serve your customer in the best possible way. A personalized mobile application is the two way channel to meet your customers’ expectation in the best way possible. Today, business organizations are using mobile applications as the primary medium to communicate and connect their target audience, because it is considered to be one of the most handy and quickest options which convey the information to the mass audience in the most affordable manner.

  1. More Visibility in Google SERPs

Retail brands with popular mobile application are tremendously benefitting from their prominent mobile app’s visibility in the organic search results of Google. URLs for these app pages are appearing powerfully on the Page 1 of Google’s SERPs for mobile searchers and desktop with huge payoffs. Hence, having a popular mobile app tends to divert your web traffic to your mobile app too, and vice versa

  1. Push Notifications

Mobile applications have become the handiest method to outreach mass audience in the shortest possible time. With customers, who always have mobile phone in hands, push notifications is the best method to allure customer about anything. For example, a simple notification about the ongoing sale tends to bring in more traffic to your physical outlets.

  1. Personalization

Personalization has become the trend for every brand. Today, every brand is maintaining same look and feel at every social platform (both physical and digital) to create brand identity. This makes it easier for the customer to quickly recall and identify the brand when they look at certain color theme or logos associated to a particular brand or products.


There are many companies leveraging the benefits of a mobile app; especially, an on-demand mobile app development company in USA. These companies are staying ahead in the market.