How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Fitness App?


In this fast moving world, where work is winning most of the time on the work-life balance, people are increasingly realizing the fact that ‘Health is the actual Wealth’. Also, the advantages of technology and booming app development trends are persuading more and more people to leverage the powers of Fitness Mobile Applications to keep themselves healthy, fit and active.

Today, people are more inclined towards using digital routes, especially mobile apps for maintaining a healthy regime in their super busy and tough life routines. Currently, there is a wide range of health & fitness apps are available, that allows its users to manage their diet, learn exercises, motivating them to eat and workout in the right way while staying fit and healthy. Mobile applications are playing an important role in putting more and more people on the path of living a healthier and fitter life.

According to survey, the size of the fitness industry has grown up to the size of around US $20.4 billion including wearables and mobile apps. Another great fact about this size is that it is constantly growing every year since 2008. In fact, according to the experts, fitness and health industry is actually the sunrise to the new millennium, as the health and fitness concerns are increasing among the people, so does their inclination towards using fitness mobile apps. This has ignited a competition among business owners within this space, as they are progressively investing in fitness app development. So, if you are among one of those entrepreneur who want to create a fitness app but wondering “How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Fitness App? then this blogpost could be of great help for you.

How Much Does It Costs to Develop a Fitness Mobile App?

Being a leading mobile app development company, Code Creators Inc. completely understand the fact that there are multiple factors that are involved in deciding the total cost of developing a fitness app or any mobile app. These factors mainly include the complexity level that you choose for your app, number of third-party plugins that you want to add, and that whether the app would be native or hybrid, or will it be built only for mobile device or for the wearables like Garmin or Fitbit too.

All these decisions are very important, because they add up to you total mobile app development cost. Apart from these decision, you also need to decide on the costs that will be involved in app hosting, cost of app publishing on app stores, and also on the costs involved in maintaining and updating your app. All these costs must be considered while deciding and planning over your fitness app development budget.

While deciding on app development platform, you also need to keep the functionalities of the platform of in consideration. Native apps are more dependent on platform, which means that an app developed to run on iOS will only run on iOS devices and not on the Android devices, and vice versa. On the other hand, Hybrid apps are developed using SDKs and cross-functional platforms like Flutter and React Native that work on devices with different types of operating systems.

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Cost of fitness app development is also dependent on the country where your app development company is located. For instance, if the company is situated in any developing country like India or Ukraine, then app development cost tends to be significantly lowered as compared to companies located in countries like Australia and USA.

It is an eminent fact that cost of mobile app development is way much higher in companies located in countries like USA, Europe and Australia, and the reason is higher standard pay scale in these countries. On the other hand, developing countries more high-skilled workers that are willing to provide app development service at much lower rates as compared to their counterparts in developed countries.

Considering all the factors mentioned above and discussing them with your chosen mobile app development company, you can come up with an estimated quotation. If you want to build a fitness app with basic features and functions such as sign-up/sign-in, workout log, payment integrations, geolocation, review management, social integrations, rating, feedback, search management and filters, then it can approximately cost between $16,000 – $30,000. However, if you want to add more advanced and high-end features to your fitness app such as tracking systems etc. then these system integrations may take up your mobile app development cost to $85,000 to $ 1,30,000.

In sum, calculating an accurate app development cost is not completely possible until and unless you have a complete list of features and functionalities that you want to add to your fitness app. Also the development charges may vary amid development companies. Which means that you can only get a finalized cost quotation once you discuss your app specifications with your chosen mobile app development company.