Why you need a professional website


If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, freelancer, blogger etc. one of the keys to success is a website. In today’s modern world, having a professional website is essential in order to be competitive. Even if your business is not entirely web-based, internet searches are the go-to method for people looking to find services and products.

Here are some main reasons why having a website is an absolute necessity.

A website is your online brochure

1st impressions are really important. Chances are that your website will be the first thing a user sees and interacts with – before even potentially visiting your physical store/shop. A professionally designed and functional website will create a lasting impression on any potential client/customer.

A web presence also allows you to showcase your brands personality and share your story. Other online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will have certain restrictions and limitations. Owning your own website will drastically help in getting your message out. You will have full control over design and content, and so you can infuse as much personality into it as possible.

Shows credibility and legitimacy

Along with a good first impression, a professionally developed website will show authority and legitimacy. In today’s global market, chances are that most, if not all, your competitors will have a website. If you do not have one, customers may take this as a sign of non-seriousness and are unlikely to purchase from you.

Additionally, more and more people are searching the internet for products and services. In order to edge out your competition, a website is a necessity. Having a professional website will increase your credibility, portray a professional image and inspire confidence.

Point of contact between you and your Customers/ Followers.

As pointed out earlier, a website is often the first point of contact between you and a potential customer. You have the opportunity to provide valuable information, market your products/services and differentiate yourself from others. A website is also easily updated, so you can continually provide the latest, most accurate information, news and offers.

Interaction with your customer base becomes a lot easier if through a website. You can provide a contact form, a FAQ page, or even install applications that push notifications straight to their browsers. You can add these features yourself, or have a professional website development company insert them for you.

Social media platforms also act as a medium of contact, however, each platform has a limit to its capabilities. For example, YouTube only allows videos, Twitter has a 140 character limit, Pinterest only allows images. A personal website will allow you to do all three, without any restriction.

Regular communication and engagement with your consumer base will increase your brand recognition and eventually your sales and revenue.

Fully Accessible 24/7

You are unlikely to ever work 24-hours a day, and even if you do, it is not going to be sustainable long term. Similarly, you are also not going to be available 24-hours a day.

A website on the other hand will function all the time. You will be able to process purchases, receive questions and queries, and provide information, regardless of the time of day. You are therefore able to offer your services on autopilot, allowing your business to work for you.

Reach a Wider Audience

Owning a store will limit you to the number of people that can visit. Chances are that only people within a certain area will be able to access your shop. Owning a website however, allows you to reach customers all over the world.

According to recent statistics, 40% of the world population has internet access. Having a website therefore allows you to potentially reach all these people.