Top 10 Web Development Trends In 2021


Today, total number of registered websites on the internet today has reached over 1.8 billion. Every website has its own development strategy and concept; whether it is related to design, development, digital marketing and concept. But, in this plethora of website, how many of the websites are following the latest web development trends?

The answer is ‘Very Few’. It is worthy to mention here that the technology landscapes are changing briskly including ‘Web Development’. In digital world, we see new web development trends emerging every year; and if you are a great developer or a learning organization, you must now the value of keeping up with changing trends in order to ensure that you are conforming to the latest elements and not behind the competition.

A recent survey report has shown that, over one-third of the visitors are likely to stay on a website that is attractive, unique and new in terms of content and layouts. If you also want your conversion rates increasing this year, we would highly recommend you following the top web development trends in 2021; because the websites that do not follow the trends ultimately the decline in conversion rates. This is the foremost reason that both developers and businesses follow the latest web development trends. Technological advancements have demonstrated a great evolution in recent years, showing how user experience and web aesthetics are playing dominantly in leading the market game.

In this blogpost, we have listed down top 10 web development trends in 2021, which could be of your great help.

Top 10 Web Development Trends For 2021

1. Low Light UX & Dark Mode

Websites with low light and dark mode user experience are in trends from a past few years. And, this trend is anticipated to remain in trend and dominate the market in 2021. Dark mode websites even look great when user browse in daylight. Additionally, we are expecting to see more and more websites developed with the option to switch between light and dark mode user interface. For now, websites and applications requires user to change modes from ‘Settings’. The future ahead is projected to be providing in-built choices, which would allow to fix when the user want to use light or dark mode, and when it can be switched. For instance, when somebody is using the website at night, he can switch to the dark mode, while the mobile app will offer the functionality in options. The trend is expected to grow significantly in 2021 and tends to appeal more and more users.

A few reasons behind increasing popularity of the dark mode UI/UX includes it’s super-modern, power saving abilities for AMOLED and OLED screens, highlighted design elements, and minimized strain on eyes, while used during low-light conditions.

2. Responsive & Interactive Elements

Nowadays, people love visiting and using websites that are highly responsive and interactive in terms of web elements. These web elements basically add the human touch to the website and serves as the website’s heartbeat. While these interactive and responsive elements are expensive and difficult to implement, the payback and their abilities to grab users’ attention are worth investing for. Being an emerging trend for 2021, we are anticipating to witness automated web development process and other new tactics to optimize the overall web development costs. With the world increasingly shifting to mobile phones for almost everything, it is a great idea to focus on it. In 2021, you are advised to build a website that is capable of upholding its aesthetic values over mobile phone and other smart devices. Because the more platforms you will be accessible to, the wider will be customer reach.

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3. Voice UI

Voice Commerce and Voice User Interface (VUI) is also becoming one of the faster growing trend when it comes to web development in 2021. The trend has kicked started from the popularity of the voice recognition technology and smart speaker devices like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Similar other devices have also been launched by Microsoft and Google Inc. as well. All these devices based on speech-recognition technology has revolutionized the way people use search engines today. User now seek to search and find their desired information through actionable words, instead of using simple keywords. Also, people are nowadays preferring voice search options instead of typing, and they are also expecting to use voice search option to use ecommerce features as well; for example, for ordering things online. As the global market of smart speaker in projected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 23% every year by 2025, a significant rise in the number of websites powered by VUI is also expected.

4. PWAs – Progressive Web Apps

Another web development technology frequently used by leading business enterprises nowadays is PWA i.e. Progressive Web App. PWA offers a wide range of benefits for both classic websites and native applications. PWA also works great even when offline, which enables increased responsiveness, faster loading and also provides an app like experience. Market giants like Uber and Twitter are also using this technology to deliver an exceptional user experience. CSS, JavaScript, HTML are the web technologies that are primarily used for creating PWA. Websites based on PWA are well-reputed for providing reliable offline experience, just the way Google Map does. Experts are also expecting to see a significant rise in the number of websites developed using PWA. Hence, one needs to walk this latest trend, not letting any technology, internet or device to become a pitfall in your journey towards growth and success.

5. Single-Page Websites

Single-Page Website or One-Page Websites are great for portfolios, individuals, brochure websites, freelancers, startups and specific product websites. One-Page websites are in trend for using very little space, while bringing more traffic and delivering an effortless navigation experiences to multiple sub-pages. One-page websites are relatively easier to build and manage as the developers have to make only one page, and it also allow to keep all the important information in focus of the users. To provide an easier a more vivid experience, many freelancers and entrepreneurs are opting for one-page websites today. As the number of startups, freelancers and individual developers are working independently, there are great chance to see a rise in single-page websites in 2021.

6. Motion UI

We cannot overlook Motion UI, when talking about the latest web development trends. The stylish feel and look of the website and the smooth animations that we see on the websites are counted as the blessing on Motion UI. Along with the feel and look, the Motion UI trend is building up its compatibility with other technologies. Motion UI can be easily added to the multiple website elements including menu bar, headers, backgrounds and hovers etc. Motion UI adds up the fun factor in websites while bringing the highlighting factors and information into users’ focus. The page and content hierarchy can also be set accordingly, so that heavy gradients do not distract visitors and let them actually see what is important. Motion UI and smooth animations were also a great in 2020, and they will continue to prevail in 2021 as well.

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7. 3D Visuals

3D or Three Dimensional Visual Elements have remained appealing lately and they always please visitors since their origin. Integration of 3D visualizations in web-development is certainly an expensive deal, which has kept the trends on toes for many years. But, things are changing right now; as there are many new development technologies and frames that are using 3D elements can be added up to the website affordably. In times, when VR is becoming a norm and also becoming more cost-effective, more and more websites and blogs are getting empowered to be more realistic. These 3D elements lift up the screen presence and also create an enticing user experience, letting users enjoy the captivating technology. In 2021, websites with more 3D visualization will also fall amongst the trendiest things. Not only gaming sites, but business websites are also leveraging the trend very progressively.

8. Graphic Overlapping on Images

To add exceptional graphic designs and to unleash creativity, we are going to witness mixed graphic trends and more images in 2021. This is expected to be more implemented in business and ecommerce sites. These effects add more seriousness and focus to the sites. Along with graphic designs, overlapping images, organic shapes, fluids, straight lines, simple geometric designs and asymmetrical shapes are also expected to rule the market in 2021.

9. Mobile First Design

Mobile first approach has gained a lot of attraction over the past few years and this is also going to be an undeniable trend for web app development in 2021.  This is mainly because of the numbers of mobile users constantly increasing. With mobile-first approach, 2021, will be witnessing an increased focus on aesthetics and responsiveness of websites to mobile devices. This means that developers will be focusing more on creating websites with mobile-first approach while keeping desktop and mobile in mind. Mobile first trend is going to be a trends that will last long and cannot be ignore by business, bloggers and startups.

10. WebAssembly

For SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and user experience, the performance of a website is a big must. WebAssembly is a new web application framework which do not depend on platforms or specific programming language. It optimizes website’s performance, since it is faster than JavaScript in executing codes.

WebAssembly originated in 2015 and has gained a lot of popularity after Google standardized user experience and web-performance for improved rankings. Hence, for better ranking and better security, businesses are increasingly adopting the WebAssembly trend, which makes it one of the most sought after trend for web app developers in 2021.


2021 is going to be all about clean, eye-catching and fast website. Every web development company and website developers must keep themselves updated with the latest and updated trends in order to ensure relevancy of their website with the existing environment. Traditional websites should opt for more transformation and should be made more mobile-friendly, appealing and modern in term of designs.