Increase Your Return Visit Through Push Notification


Increase return visit today with new technologies from android development and iOS development.

If you are looking for ways on how to promote small business in your area, then mobile business apps are the ideal solution. Until recently, making use of these types of applications was expensive and complicated, but as the technology has advanced, so has the ease at which you can use it and now, it is affordable for any small local business owner.

Push notifications are the most important element on your business application. Push notification allow you to send messages to all the people who have your app on their phone or tablet and unlike email that only has a 4% read rate, notifications are being read 97% of the time and many read these notifications within one hour of you sending them. With push notification, you are able to put your business in the pocket of your local community.

The Push Notifications are as important as the user experience (UX) of your app because the researchers believe that more than 71% of the app uninstallations are usually triggered by the push messages. The bottom line is bad push practices can be harmful as push notifications directly hit the users and not the devices. However, to save you from bad practices, let’s check out few of the best push practices to hit the bull’s eye and to ensure customers return to patronize you over and over again;

Respect to the Specific Local Time zone

It is quite easy to think and act according to your own time zone like “its 8 p.m. in California so let’s start circulating the push messages”. The push notification doesn’t work that way. When your customers are involved it becomes vital that your messages hit the user at the right time when they are ready to receive it according to their time zone.

As far as night is concerned, people usually want a good night’s sleep in order to start a fresh day. Mobiles are usually put on silent or do not disturb mode while people are asleep. Considering this, do you really think people really have time to go through all the push messages pouring in throughout the night or in the early morning? So, marketers must also value the user’s sleep and limit the notifications till day time. Maybe a summary push notification in the morning can be more effective than 10 odd messages at night.

Avoid Generic Pushes

Considering a hard limit to multiple pushes per day can be an effective practice. You might be thinking of sending various services that can help your app interact with the user, inform them and gain user preference knowledge. But, generic pushes can be termed as bad practice.

Marketers often think, the more, the better Right? It is not the same in all cases. Many times, more can reduce your revenue, your users, usage, feedback, and everything. Sending 23-50 pushes a day to the customers can not only irritate them but also make them uninstall an app. Thus, internally prioritizing a message to 5-10 maximum per day can help and suit most of the applications.

Personalize Content For Users

The push messages can be personalized and sent to the users to make it more valuable. Except for junk and irrelevant messages, news alerts, deals, and chats based on user preferences can create a positive impact. Numerous marketing automations are possible with some very basic data inputs. Like how long the app is installed on your device, what level of the game you are at present, your last usage, and many such small things can help in personalizing push messages for the users.

Favor Transactional Pushes

The 1:1 push messages that are usually directed to the single user and are not commonly unique with audience division, is termed as a transactional push. For instance, their package is being shipped or there’s a new like, and more. Such notifications are seamlessly bespoke as per the definition.

Personalize with User Name

When a message is purely meant for a user and is indicated with the user’s name in the push messages, people take it more seriously and truly like such notifications.

Easy Availability of the Notification Settings

Difficulty in locating the notification configurations can be annoying for the customers. Easy availability of the setting to turn off or on the notification is vital.

In conclusion, response from customers is largely based on how you choose to represent yourself through this medium. Going overboard with it can and will lead to disinterest from the audience. The trick is not to remind your audience of your app rather, it is to drive them to it, convert them into numbers, and ensure revisit.

Setting up push notifications is not an easy task to do it on your own. However, to get the best out of your push notification, seeking help from a Mobile app development company is the best option for you.