Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a one-stop shop for employees to interact with in one place, where employees can easily find their colleagues, documents, projects and calendars, and instantly get in touch in a face-to-face chat or conference call. Microsoft Teams is available as a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 and can run as a desktop application for PC and Mac, as well as an online service in a browser. Mobile apps are available for any platform. Choose the option convenient for you and be always in touch and surrounded by colleagues.

Microsoft Teams is included with Office365 plans:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard.
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3.
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise F1.


Microsoft Teams is NOT included in the following plan:

  • Microsoft 365 business applications because it contains only Microsoft office desktop applications


Main Functionality of Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, you instantly have access to any content from a team or team or business unit: messages, corporate document library, files, employee information. You can call, write a letter, send an online message or create an online audio-video conference with one click of the mouse. Everything you need is always at your fingertips wherever you are.

Chatting Microsoft Teams

  • Shared Workplace with Effortless Communication: Microsoft Teams provides a shared workspace that allows teams to effortlessly communicate via chats across geographies, languages, and organizations.
  • Dynamic Teams: Members, roles, priorities and goals can change, resulting in different communication needs.
  • Different Types of Conversations: In teams, people can choose how to communicate. They can participate in private 1: 1 chats, group chats, or team conversations that are visible to the entire team. Chats are streaming, persistent, and contextual, making it easy for your team to understand the context of the conversation. Team conversations are open by default, allowing your team to communicate in an open and transparent way. Working outdoors has a transformative effect on team culture and helps organizations move from personal to team productivity.
  • Guest Access, Translation & Federated Chat: With guest access, translation, and federated chat, you can communicate with all your team members, whether they are inside or outside your organization, and whether they speak your language or another.
  • Limited Participation & Channel Display: If necessary, you can limit the participation and display of channels without creating separate commands to limit visibility. this is one of our most requested features
  • Successful Collaboration: Teams allows you to have fun together. Successful collaboration is based on relationships. This way, people can include emojis, memes and funny graphics in their messages, which allows them to show their personality and humanize the messages.


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Online Meetings and Meetings In Microsoft Teams

  • Complete Meeting Solution: Microsoft Teams offers a complete meeting solution that supports content sharing, video and audio conferencing, digital whiteboard, notes, chat in a meeting, allowing you to participate in meetings from anywhere in the world. Teams allow you to meet the way you want, from 1: 1 or a workgroup, to organized meetings and massive online events.
  • Live Events: Live events are available in teams, allowing anyone to create high quality live events – scheduling and setup is simple, the system can be configured to include content and video, and post-event analytics to analyze participation.
  • New AI: Features like background blur remove all the distractions from your meeting, so you can focus on what’s most important.
  • All Appointments Provide Contextual Work: This means that you will have the context and content you need at your fingertips before, during, and after the meeting, including conversation history, files, and meeting notes. If you miss a meeting, team members can access posts with transcribed and translated text that is indexed so people can search for content that suits them.
  • Teams Supports a Range of Smart Devices & Services: Which means that it can understand spoken text, and lets you schedule and join a meeting with others.


Online Calling & Telephony In Microsoft Teams

  • Cloud-Based Telephony: Microsoft Teams also offers a robust cloud-based telephony solution that lets you communicate with anyone. This will save you money, reduce hardware dependency, and leverage the power of the Microsoft Cloud.
  • Microsoft Phone System: Telephony is based on the Microsoft Phone System, which is a fully integrated software PBX in Office365. It allows you to use corporate phone features for all Office 365 users in your organization. You can choose from 2 different approaches for deploying the Microsoft Phone System:
  • Microsoft Calling Plan: It allows you to have a dedicated phone number for making domestic and international calls. Microsoft currently serves 10 regions. In this model, Microsoft is your telephony service provider. The value to you is that you have one provider for calls – fewer providers means fewer points of failure and one provider to solve problems.
  • Microsoft Direct Routing: Use your local carrier to transmit tone and connect “trunks” to Microsoft. Used by Microsoft certified Session Border Controller. This approach allows customers the most flexibility in their choice of voice providers and more control over their configuration.


Collaborate With Integrated Office 365 Apps

  • Centralized Workplace: Today, information is often used in a variety of services and places, such as mail, files, Power BI dashboards, and other services. Teams is the hub for both communication and collaboration that brings all Office 365 services into one workspace. Thus, employees work in one place, which leads to more time for productivity, since they do not need to switch between applications or search for information.
  • Integrated Office Apps: All your common tools, all the Office apps people use every day – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Planner, and even Power BI – are built into Teams, giving people access to the files and tools they need without leaving Teams.
  • Quick & Easy Share & Edit of Documents: Users can share and edit Office documents and other files right in Teams. Since all files are stored in SharePoint, the latest version of the file is always available to anyone on the team.
  • Integration with Emails: The Teams built integration with email, so users can send e-mail to ‘channel’ Teams for further discussion and to receive a notice by e-mail, you do not miss any important messages in teams.


Extend & Customize Teams Functionality

One-Stop Collaboration Hub: Microsoft Teams is a one-stop collaboration hub that brings them all together to customize and extend your workspace with third-party apps, processes, and devices. While each workgroup is unique, the only thing they have in common is the need for different applications and tools to get their jobs done.

An Extensible Platform: Teams is an extensible platform that lets you personalize experiences to do better, more efficiently, and more transparently. You can customize your workspace by pinning important files, applications, or a toolbar at the top of each “feed” for easy viewing

Extending Teams: Using MS Teams with commonly used apps enables you to better use the tools by giving you access to the information you need right in Teams. By connecting workplace tools to a single space, users can streamline processes and accelerate decision-making. For Firstline workers, Teams provide an additional set of capabilities. Schedule management will give your employees the ability to control their schedules and focus more on what matters most to getting their jobs done

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Enterprise-Class Security & Compliance

Microsoft Teams has the same corporate security and compliance features as Office 365, including powerful compliance support, eDiscovery, and legal retention across channels, chats, and files. Microsoft Teams provides end-to-end encryption for stored and transmitted data, as well as multi-factor authentication for strong account protection.

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