Empower your Remote Business with Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams


Is your business the one too, which has transitioned from an in-house staff model to the one where employees are working from remote locations? A lot of businesses experienced the same since the Coronavirus Pandemic has hit the world. And if your business suffers from the situation too, then don’t worry, you are not alone in this. Recently, a large of businesses have shifted their workforce and working model to become remote; and Microsoft Teams comes as a lifesaver to the situation. In this blog post, we will be taking a closer look at how Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Team (MS Teams) can help to empower your remote business during these tough times of change.

How People Used to Work Remotely In The Past Vs. How They Do It Today

In the recent past, business companies have started offering their employees the facility to work from their chosen remote location to save office space and expense, while also finding the best talent and skills at the same time. Remote work options enable businesses to hire top candidates despite them being located in the other corner of the world, and their non-willingness to relocate. Remote work options also facilitate employees to better manage their work-life balance especially those with unusual family situations.

Today, companies, both small and large are effectively using remote work proficiencies, especially during this pandemic situation. Remote work options are not only helping business to run smoothly during the crisis, but tools like MS Office 365 and MS Teams are providing exceptional control and grip over everyday business operations and employee participation and performance. If you have not started using MS Office 365 or MS Teams up till now, then here are the top three ways that you must consider to empower your business.

3 Key Ways 365 Facilitates Remote Work

Microsoft Office 365 enables its users and clients to connect, collaborate and share documents, data and communicate on projects on daily basis, in an organized and secure manner.

Connect With MS Office 365 & MS Teams

In MS Office 365, MS Teams is considered as the core app for team collaboration as it helps people communicate, collaborate and share data and information regularly in a very fast yet secured manner. MS Teams integrates content, tools, and people that your team members may need to be more efficient and engaged at their jobs. Google Meet and Zoom are the buzzwords that we hear now and then these days. These are the features that are very easy to use and users can instantly connect through video calls and chat options that are just a click away. Microsoft Teams also allow its users to access, share, connect, collaborate, and co-author on the same document in real-time while staying updated and organized at the same time, by keeping documents and notes; and by managing a mutual calendar together. In simple words, MS Office 365 and MS Teams provide you with every possible connectivity option that you may need in managing the remote business.

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Store & Share With MS Office 365 & MS Teams

If you find MS Teams easier to use, then we are sure that you will also love its sharing and storage capabilities. Users of MS Teams both outside and within the company are allowed to store their desired business documents in the cloud and share them in a secured way. This makes it an easy process to share documents and data with remote workers and clients who might need access to this data when you connect with them through MS Teams.

Collaborate With 365

MS Office 365 and MS Teams does not only facilitate with easy access to shared data and virtual meetings but they also allow to invite employees and client to your work team, and then you can directly connect with them, collaborate with them and coordinate with them at a single place. This has become really important now to have all your team members, customers, suppliers, and clients in one place, with instant connectivity from varied locations. Information sharing and seamless collaboration have become the biggest need for business companies nowadays.

A Word On Security

Microsoft Office 365 uses a well-thought and well-developed multi-layered security and authentication system for all the devices and data sets that are used and shared through it. This ensures that all the devices that are using MS Office 365 are up-to-date and secured in terms of protection from any kind of external and internal threats. If your company is using Microsoft Office 365 and you require any assistance with it or require any training for your employees or clients, then we can help you use it optimally with all the features of this platform. Talk to the Microsoft team of experts at Code Creators Inc. and get help for unlocking all the tools that can facilitate your business is running smoothly and passing through these tough times.