Benefits of Using Microsoft Teams for Employee Collaboration


In order to survive successfully in the changing world of work, companies must always find new and better ways to work productively and across organizations. Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing application in Microsoft history and has already started to change the way we work. MS Teams provides you with a very efficient hub for collaboration and communications while combining Microsoft 365 functions.

Teams apps were developed to increase productivity and improve digital collaboration. Imagine that you can manage all of the daily tasks that are relevant to your department centrally via a dashboard. You can use the same tool to communicate with your colleagues in the home office or other locations via chat or telephony and also access documents together.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is the central hub for teamwork and brings together in one app what teams need for their collaboration: chat, online meetings, telephony and data exchange. Office 365 serves as the basis, and applications such as Skype for Business, SharePoint Online, CRM, ERP, or many other services can be integrated individually. Teams can also serve as a basis for digital assistants that are integrated in the form of bots. Microsoft Teams is therefore a sensible, individually adaptable and easy-to-use solution for users of the digital workplace as we expect it today.

Better Communication: As a complete solution, Microsoft Teams supports a variety of functions including group chat, online meeting, video conference, web conference and telephone call. Information is open, transparent, easy to find and secure. Meetings can be recorded and automatically transcribed. Teams is available on all devices, in 1818 markets and 44 languages.

Enhance Teamwork & Collaboration: Work on files together and at the same time with integrated Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote or Power BI. An easy and quick search for documents, chats and people help you instantly find out what you are searching for.

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Personalization: Integrate Microsoft and third-party applications to be more productive with customized processes. Set up your own dashboard for your individually required channels, documents, apps and data. A MS Teams developer platform enables additional, individual integrations.

Trust & Security: Trust in consistent security, administrative control and compliance – with the support of Office 365. With HIPAA, SOC 1 &2, and GDPR, data and information is completely safe with MS Teams. Also, you can find in-built information protection options such as legal status, data loss prevention, eDiscovery, multifactor authentication, auditing, secured guest access and advanced ID protection.

How MS Teams Encourage Employee Collaboration at Workplace?

Modern businesses use a wide range of communication and collaboration tools, and usually it is very difficult to find all the business units and department using the same tool. With MS Team, this issues can be easily resolved, because when you deploy MS Teams in your organization, it brings all your company wide employees under one collaboration and communication platform, which enable them to share and produce content in a more organized, secured and productive manner.

Although there is a long list of benefits that MS Team offers, but workplace collaboration and effective communication is one of the key features which makes MS Team the choice of modern times.

1. Employees Can Chat Company Wide

The chat functionality available in MS Team is something that makes it stand out the choices. MS Team facilitate you to have threaded conversation, which means that everything is in record, organized and manageable. You simply don’t need to dig through your messages inbox or emails to find anything, because group conversations will be possible with MS Teams. With MS Teams, you can chat in groups an also person-to-person. Furthermore, integration of audio and video conversations with Skype is also very much possible with MS Teams.

2. Complete Integration with Business & Third Party Apps

To deliver a seamless workplace experience, MS Teams bring you all the tools that you use on everyday basis. For instance, tools like MS Power Point, MS Word, MS Excel, One Note, MS SharePoint, Planner etc. are all fully integrated with MS Teams. For example, if you want to review a MS Excel Spreadsheet, all the group members can watch the document within the similar chat in which they are talking.

3. Personalized Workspace

Microsoft Teams understand the fact that every team is different and has its own dynamics, this is why it allows you to customize your Teams experience in the way you prefer. Even, if you want any specific third-party app integrated with MS Team, you can also do it with great ease. For example, Marketing Teams wants to integrate updates from Twitter with their MS Teams Apps, then they can do it easily in order to stay connected and updated.

4. Real-Time Communication

Instead of having bouncing back & forth emails, having a real-time chat option is such a blessing, especially when you work under strict deadlines and pressure. Writing emails and sending them to multiple recipients could simply kill employee productivity. This may also push back the initiatives or divert attention from other important things, however instant messaging enables easy flow of information and easy which helps fostering productivity and efficiency to thrive.

5. Everyone Is On The Same Page

Suppose, you sent an approval or an update email to multiple recipients. A recipient reply to you but not to all. Likewise, another team member replies only to you. Soon, you will be having several different separate conversations where everyone is responding and addressing only one person, while it has to be in group. In such case, MS Teams comes as a saver, because with MS Teams, everyone knows about the status of update and the information also keep on flowing within group conversations which keeps everything on pace.