SharePoint 2019 Features for SharePoint workflows

SharePoint 2019 was born directly in the cloud. The basis for the new on-premises version was a withdrawal of SharePoint Online, which took place last year. Of course, this was adapted to the realities of the on-premise world, but includes many features that are already included in SharePoint Online. Furthermore, the system has been put […]

Undeniable Benefits of Using a Microsoft SharePoint DMS

The significance of an efficient Microsoft SharePoint Document Management System(DMS)  is irrefutable for the successful functioning of a business organization, in modern times. With the increased dependency of companies over client/employee/user data, the need to organize and sort huge data volumes is becoming important with every passing day. DMS has lately become the ultimate choice […]

Business Process Automation through Microsoft SharePoint

At code Creators, we are always trying new techniques to share our knowledge with our audience, and we want to make sure our audience take every opportunity to benefit from the platform we provide them with. That’s why we started organizing webinars, which proved to be very beneficial for us, as well as for our […]

Building a Ticketing System with Microsoft Flow in SharePoint

With the addition of PowerApps and Microsoft Flow into SharePoint, there is a lot that can be done to benefit each within an organization. If you have ever wanted to build a help desk ticket management system within SharePoint Online to help your employees manage all their tickets in one location, you have come to […]

Detailed Step by Step Guide to Create a Web Application in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint is a leading collaboration platform in the world that all organizations are drawn towards. With Microsoft continuously releasing new updates for the On-Premise and Online versions of SharePoint, nothing is stopping you from reaching your organization’s full potential and increase your profitability. Code Creators have created a detailed step by step guide for you […]

Migrating Nintex Workflows to SharePoint

The process of migrating Nintex workflows onto SharePoint Online is slightly more complicated than the typical method employed for migration onto SharePoint On-Premise. There are a few things you need to ensure before you begin the process of migration. Everything has a pre-process and a post-process. When migrating complex workflows onto SharePoint Online, it is […]

5 Trends That Give Way To Office 365 and SharePoint User Engagement

As far as trends go, Microsoft is losing breath trying to catch up to the others it competes. However, it is catching up nonetheless. With rapid updates to its software in Office 365, Microsoft has proven itself quite a worthy adversary in the market. Though moving forward fast, we must keep in mind that SharePoint […]

Pros and Cons of SharePoint Intranet Design

Half of the winning intranet designs chosen in the 2018 Intranet Design Annual were created on SharePoint. This clearly states that SharePoint is the most popular intranet platform all over the world. SharePoint gives you the ability to develop intranets that incorporate robust social and business features for all of your needs. For new companies, […]

How to Migrate Microsoft Access to SharePoint Online

Microsoft Access provides you with a great platform to create useful databases that you can then use on SharePoint. The database you want to create is designed on Access services, and people with SharePoint accounts can use the database through a website browser. How it Works Once a web database is published, Microsoft Access creates […]