10 Reasons Why SharePoint is the Best Platform for Document Management


What is SharePoint? What is a Document Management System (DMS)? Why does an organization need a DMS? How does SharePoint work as a DMS? Why SharePoint is the best DMS? If any of this question or all of these questions are wandering somewhere in your mind, because you are thinking of choosing SharePoint as your DMS, then let us answer all your concerns in this blogpost and telling you 10 reasons that why SharePoint is the best DMS.

But, before jumping directly onto the topic, let us tell you briefly about a DMS and that why an organization basically needs a DMS.

So, as you would also agree with us that, documents uphold great significance in our everyday lives and it is very important to keep them safe and organized. They become of even more crucial important when it comes to an enterprise, because the entire operations and records of an organization are relying on it. With the aim of going paperless, the present and future of documentation is predominantly lying within the electronic world, and similarly their methods of management have also changed with time. Hence, for this digital documentation and their management, business enterprise requires a dedicate management software or system which is commonly called as DMS. Now, let’s have a look at why does an enterprise need a DMS.

Why Does an Organization Need A DMS?

With the increased documentation, the need for their effective management also increases. And, if your enterprise functions are extensive and complex, then it becomes impossible to timely find the right document whenever needed.

This calls for effective management and organizing of documents, and DMS serves as the ideal option for digital documents. An organization simply needs a DMS for the following reasons;

  • A DMS Is Safe & Secured: Unlike paper documents that are simply placed in a folder or locker, digital documents in a DMS are much more organized and secured. Also, the details added to the title of the document makes the trail, access and record management easier and quicker. With a DMS, you can also control the access to the sensitive document and limit a certain document to certain people. Not only this, but you can also backup your document in cloud and hence there is no hazard of data loss. With digital management, durability, reliability, safety and security, DMS is the best options especially for large enterprises.
  • Storage Is No More a Concern with A DMS: As compared to the paper documents that can take huge physical space, you may only need a laptop to store generation of your information. Also, digital documents can also be mismanaged due to poor disk space, this is another place where DMS helps. With DMS, extra space taken by files get freed due to proper organization.
  • A DMS Is Convenient & Easy to Regulate: Almost every type of document requires compliance and regulation, because lacking of it may leads to its rejection. DMS helps you follow the rules and provide you the facility to preset schedules and automate the process by following templates. Not only this, but DMS also improve convenience by allowing employee to change and edit document at the same time. In simple words, it makes the processes easier and convenient at many places.
  • Saves Time: Time management becomes easier and it only take few seconds or minutes to find your desired document, which save a lot of time. Beside documents, the system also helps in finding anything from the system through a single word and even phrase retrieval. These functions on the whole save a lot of time and make the process extremely handy.
  • Foster Increased Synchronization at Workplace: Sharing of documents and workplace collaboration also become very effective with a DMS. All the documents in the DMS can be shared with anyone in the company which not only makes the information sharing easier but also allow employees to make changes, while notifying others about it in real-time.


10 Reasons That Make SharePoint an Ideal Document Management System

1. SharePoint Is Globally Renowned

SharePoint is a globally renowned collaborative software and majority of the large business enterprises across the globe are using it to feed their workplace collaboration and document management needs. There are thousands of business organization of all types and sizes that have successfully implemented the software as their DMS and intranet as well. With its cutting edge document management capabilities, SharePoint has brought over $2 billion to the business pockets.

2. SharePoint Can Be Used On Mobile Devices

SharePoint can be easily used on all type of mobile devices which means that the use and availability of the software also exist beyond computers and laptops. Easy usage on mobile devices add an additional layer of convenience and flexibility to the software, and this is another significant reason which result in increases use of SharePoint by business organizations. Because people can access SharePoint anytime and from anywhere to manage their important documents that are available at their SharePoint portal.

3. SharePoint Has High Compatibility

SharePoint is developed by Microsoft and it is available as a part of MS Office 365 Suites. This means that SharePoint development is completely compatible with a lot of software that are owned by Microsoft. This opens up several integrational opportunities for an organization regarding the ways it can work. SharePoint undoubtedly makes the workplace collaboration easier and the compatibility of it extends to mobile devices as well. All you need to do is to get the mobile version of MS Office 365 suite for your employees.

4. SharePoint Is a Real Saves Time Saver

Being one of the fastest document management system, SharePoint can be successfully implemented to replace legacy enterprise system and it saves a lot of time and effort. SharePoint makes the document sharing and management simpler, flexible and quicker.

5. It is Highly Customizable

According to a survey conducted by GitHub, about 65% of business organizations customize SharePoint’s functionalities to make it precisely suit their business needs. This clearly shows that the software is highly customizable, and this flexibility is very helpful for large enterprises with peculiar requirements. It also works with great compatibility with third-party tools. For instance, if a company want to integrate special security features other than SharePoint etc.

6. It is Highly Reliable & Secured

SharePoint is a very safe and reliable software when it comes to data protection. In many similar software, you can easily find minor issues related to files overwriting and synching progress. However, SharePoint is programmed very smartly and does not have any such glitches. It saves different versions of every document and help you review the changes and revert back to a version if you want to. This greatly helps in to get back to the previous version of your document in case you make a mistake. In a market with plenty of software, SharePoint simply outshine as a bright name that you can trust.

7. SharePoint Has Amazing Storage Capacities

With SharePoint, storage capacity is no more an issue for business organizations. With on premise server, you can get storage space up to 1TB per organization, and you can get it extended against additional charges if you want to. In case of SharePoint Online, storage capacity and limit is determined by the subscription plan. Such extensive storage capacity is capable of sustaining massive data amount and also the backups that are needed.

8. It Offer Advanced Enterprise Searching Features

The enterprise search features of SharePoint can make finding the document much easier for enterprises. Document search is very quick and convenient with SharePoint based on metadata, content, keyword, phrases and file names etc. Additionally, SharePoint uses a unique identification system to avoid any confusion amid files with similar names. Furthermore, the software is also capable of storing in different modelling formats and images. All these smart options save a great deal of time, and help in producing error-free work in a short time.

9. It Provided Streamlined Organizational Workflows

With in-built workflows, SharePoint allow you to collect feedback, approvals and signatures on the e-docs very easily. With customization options and ability to choose from a wide list of preferences, SharePoint allows you to create streamlined workflow that helps you improve overall productivity.

10. Microsoft Is Constantly Improving SharePoint

SharePoint was originated by Microsoft in 2001, and since then it has been constantly improved. It was originated as a simple server management tool, but it has now grown to a very high-tech collaborative platform which also work as a DMS and Intranet with great efficiency.