What’s Better For Mobile Game Development, Native Vs Hybrid?


Mobile phones are addictive, one click and you are in another part of the world, another click and you are in a separate world itself. Your mobile device holds power that you may not even be aware of! Mobile apps bring this power to you with simple interface, clickable buttons and swipes and behind all that a great complex idea is present. But most of the complex ideas that are fun too are mobile games. Mobile games do not only provide you entertainment but serious mobile games can teach you a lot and make learning fun.

If you ever wondered how you can start tinkering and develop your own great idea in to a mobile game, you came to the right place. If you are curious and the crazy, fun game ideas keep you awake at night, it’s about time to start working on them. What you should know is that there are two platforms for mobile app development, one is native and other, and you probably guessed it right is hybrid.

But what is the difference and which one should you pick? Native OR Hybrid! Before you start biting your nails and indecisiveness gets the best of you, you better know what a native application is and what a hybrid application is.

What is a Native Application?

Before you start building a native application, you have to pick an OS- Operating System. Decide whether you are making your game for Android, iOS, blackberry or windows. And that is all there is to it. If you write a native application for a particular OS that is where it is going to work. They may all require you knowing different programming languages, let’s say, you want to make an app for android, you have to know Java. If you are going to write it for iOS, you better learn Objective-C or Swift.

Since native application is written for a particular OS or platform, they are downloaded from different app stores. For instance, an android app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Once the app is downloaded, it shows up on your phone with its icon, ready for you to use. The application may require different permissions, it may want access to your contacts, camera, location, gallery, accelerometer etc.

These apps may push notifications in real-time, these notifications are updates. For instance, you may use a reminder app and it will send you notifications at times you need to be reminded of something. These apps keep functioning in the background when you are not actively using them.

As discussed earlier, native apps are platform specific so if you are looking to build a native app for your business for two different platforms, you will have to develop two different apps which will certainly cost more or you can pick a platform. But in the end, the investment decision is yours.

What is a Hybrid Application?

If you are looking for a way to develop an application that works on both platform, then building a hybrid app is the option you should choose. These apps are built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Does this ring a bell? Yeah, web it is but these applications don’t target web browser instead they target WebView embedded inside a native container.

Pros and Cons

Both hybrid and native apps are being developed everyday but they have their own pros and cons. Hybrid apps have low maintenance cost, one developer can build a hybrid app but building native apps for different platforms will cost more. If you want an app that’s platform independent and cost less, go for a hybrid app. But when it comes to internet connectivity, it’s a must for hybrid apps whereas native apps do not always require internet connectivity. If you are looking for efficiency, native apps certainly win that race as they are faster. JavaScript interpreter has made things better for hybrid apps but still native apps are efficient. It was discussed how hybrid apps use HTML which has its limitation when it comes to hardware performance. But native apps can interact with a range of hardware available on the device.

Before you start working on your next amazing game, just know that hybrid apps get approved at the app stores relatively easier than native apps. Also, if you want your app to become super popular with the users in a day, it is better to know that it takes longer with native apps.

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