What Makes SharePoint the Right Choice for Enterprise Content Management System


When we are saying data or information, it means we are talking about all kinds of email messages, documents, diagrams, receipts, videos, photos, graphics, and charts, etc. In the modern corporate world, people are adopting efficient methods to go paperless to avoid any kind of hassles of creating, sorting, arranging, or managing content or data within an organization. Undoubtedly, going paperless is way more convenient and efficient than piling on hard paper files, however, managing and organizing them is quite a job. To rescue, comes Content Management Systems, especially for an organization that is dominantly dependent on data and information. And, if important business information or content is not effectively collected, managed, and stored, it may result in the business losing its track of progress and performance.

What Is an Enterprise Content Management System?

Enterprise Content Management System is a tool that is used to manage content throughout the business organization that has a colossal amount of data and information to be handled. SharePoint is the most reliable ECM that has been preferred by all types of business companies to efficiently handle their important content. SharePoint not only lets you collect, organize and store your data, but you can also retrieve it whenever you want. Microsoft SharePoint is a viable content and document management system. It helps business ECM with the help of sophisticated apps and tools that are used to gather, sort, organize and manage important content throughout the content life cycle. SharePoint saves every bit of your content from the moment it is created to the time it is archived to the SharePoint libraries.

Why Businesses Choose SharePoint For Their ECM

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most sought-after ECM for a large number of reasons. But, most of the businesses opt for SharePoint for the following reasons;

  • It is manageable in terms of expenses and cost-effective in long run.
  • It comes with an in-built record management system.
  • It provides multiple-layer content and document security like no other software and app.
  • SharePoint allows you to integrate multiple types of files.
  • It offers to automate the cataloging of multimedia.
  • SharePoint carries a robust support system for third-party tools.

Digital Media Management System

Digital Media Data such as audio messages, videos, graphics, photos, charts, etc. could be managed, saved, and retrieved by using SharePoint. Here are some of the ways SharePoint can help in managing digital media content.

  • SharePoint offers its users a great option to play with their audio and video data while directly using them from the repository. Video and audio players are in-built with technology within SharePoint.
  • In SharePoint, media libraries are considered to be one of the most significant features where digital content can be optimized. These media libraries allow you to play video previews, show images, and video thumbnails, etc., which makes search and identification easier.

Web-Content Management System

With SharePoint development, you can also create and publish content with ease. SharePoint’s ability to work as a web content management system enables you to attain consistent and visually attractive content which is crucial for marketing and branding purposes nowadays. Web content management features offered by SharePoint helps you reduce your costs for website management while bringing the deployment costs to the least.

Record Management System

Efficient management of records is one of the foremost technological capabilities of SharePoint. SharePoint’s ability to act as a record management system provides a high level of data security while reducing the risks that are associated with the data breach, and document protection. Business records are subjected to different policies concerning information protection, retention, and audit. One with access to SharePoint can access data and records, anytime, anywhere by using any smart device.

In sum, SharePoint provides the business organization easy access to the store, share and sync their content according to their business needs. An enterprise content management system like SharePoint is significantly dependent on efficient SharePoint Consulting Services, SharePoint Development Services, and SharePoint Migration Services for higher productivity and better functionality. To get sincere advice about your SharePoint solution, talk to Microsoft Certified SharePoint experts at Code Creators Inc.