What is PowerApps? Advantages of Using Microsoft PowerApps in Your Business


If you are reading this blog, you seem to be someone who is interested in optimally using technology to improve your business effectiveness and performance. So let’s begin with a brief introduction of Power Apps and then we will talk about how PowerApps integration services can be leveraged for managing everyday business tasks and workflows of a business to provide increased efficiency and productivity.

What is Microsoft Power Apps?

Microsoft PowerApps is basically a suite of services, applications, connectors and a data platform which provides a rapid environment for application development, so that you can build custom applications suited to your business needs. By using PowerApps, you can quickly build tailored business applications that will connect you to your stored business data that is located either in any underlying data platform (Common Data Service) or within on-premise and online data sources (Excel, SharePoint, Office 365, SQL Server, Dynamics 365 etc.).

Advantages of Microsoft PowerApps

  1. Problem Solver

Microsoft PowerApps open new doors to efficiency and productivity for both individuals and organizations in order to drive new and better solutions to problems. PowerApps are designed to enable users to build applications from the scratch that can be built on any mobile device or web platform. This allow business organizations to efficiently meet the needs of their audience in a more precise manner.

  1. Does Not Require Any Coding Knowledge

When the word ‘app’ comes to your mind, most of the people think of developers coding frantically on their systems. In actual, PowerApps is something which comes to remove this image of app development, which involved long and dedicated coding. With PowerApps, you don’t need to know anything about coding in order to create a web or mobile app interface. The only skill that is required is the ability to use the drag and drop options.

  1. Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing app development will cost you fortune if you will compare it to PowerApps, because it will allow you to bring all the app development skills in house. Investing in PowerApps is something that will help your organization move forward by saving a lot of money.

  1. Full Integration & Synchronization with Microsoft Tools

One of the best advantage of PowerApps is that being a Microsoft solution, it is fully capable to integrate with other Microsoft solutions and tools. This allows developers to utilize and employ data from Microsoft as well as other third-party services within the app development process. PowerApps makes this possible with the help pf premium connectors and wide integrative functionalities. PowerApps can also be fully integrated with Dynamic 365. The biggest benefit of integration between PowerApps and Dynamic 365 is that the users can share and customize apps with improved and better abilities to perform their jobs.

How Secure Are PowerApps?

Common Data Service (CDS) uses a role based security model which helps securing access to PowerApps database. Security roles in CDS controls the access of users to database by using a certain set of access permissions and levels. You can also limit users’ data interaction and view by using a specific security role set within combination of permissions and access levels.

Since the PowerApps are easily available to everyone, they are usually skeptical when it comes to security. If you are using custom entity for your app, then its privileges must be granted explicitly within a security role before your app is commercially available for use. These privileges can either be added within an existing security role or a tailored security role can also be created.

In sum, PowerApps are considerably effective when it comes to efficiency and performance of a business, since it offers remarkable saving in terms of costs and provide ability of customizing any app within the organizational premises without investing in any web or app development platform.