5 Ways Resource Outsourcing Helps Global Companies Finding the Right IT Resources


Companies doing business globally needs to get their hands on advanced technological and human resources ranging from consulting to expert hands support, and from specialized software to dedicated infrastructures. Many businesses operating within the global industries still find it challenging to invest in IT resources, especially when it is not their core are of operations. According a research conducted by Deloitte, organizations take around 90 to 100 days for recruiting the right, highly skilled IT roles; whereas Harvard Business Reviews asserted that nearly 50% of companies reveals that one of the foremost reason that causes project delays is the lack of apt IT resources, that they need on hand for completing a certain project. Also, business leaders are progressively embracing the resource augmentation models to get access to their desired and latest IT resources, integrating them with their projects and obtaining optimum from them in terms of efficiency, cost and profitability. With resource augmentation, businesses are confidently playing their future strokes while relying on resource augmentation, that also helps in curtailing on any unnecessary long-term investment. Here is a closer look at five ways/benefits

1. Save Your Money on Expensive IT Systems, Process & Infrastructure

Procuring, deploying and integrating suitable IT systems, processes and infrastructure are expensive as well as tiresome, especially when you have your operations expanded globally. Additionally, buying and integrating them only for a certain project, for a specific business function or for a certain location can even cost higher, as you cannot achieve economies of scale with that. Furthermore, working in new, unfamiliar projects and markets also brought along many risk with supplementary work which may also call for extra investment in expensive resources. Apart from the infrastructure, onboarding human resource and training them also adds up to expenses and workload. In all such situation, resource augmentation, whether it is for technical resources or staff, significantly add up to your functional capacity while keeping your costs in check. Not only this, but it also eliminates extra work for your project team. In sum, resource augmentation leads to significant saving in costs, reduce workload and adds up to your capacity. With resource augmentation, companies are accessing the best IT resources and infrastructure from every corner of the world without making any unnecessary long-term spending.

2. Speed Up Your Technological Access & Integration

When you have crucial It projects in hand to be completed on a definite timeline, then deficiency or incapability of IT resources may cause delays, inefficiencies and additional cost to the bottom line. Acquiring resources, hiring skilled staff to operate and manage those resources, especially in foreign market requires all time, money and effort. But the question is how long you keep suffering on your projects and compromise on opportunities only because you can’t afford to have certain technical and human resources in long run. However, you can definitely take advantage of them without making any long-term investment. Certain situation, such as companies having limited talent pools and technical resources wanted to have highly specialized set of skills and system can take advantage of resource augmentation by getting into a short-term partnership with a resource augmentation service company. Resource augmentation not only speed up you time of identifying resources but also reduce your

3. Facilitate Process & Management Supervision

Onboarding IT resources serves through resource outsourcing, serves as an extension for your existing resources. Rather than the resource outsourcing services, that works independently, resources attained through resource augmentation integrate with your existing infrastructure, system and processes. In case of resource augmentation, your managers get higher visibility into the projects and their progress. They are also capable to add any kind of input and advice while staying agile to their changing business priorities. A point of communication on the side of resource augmentation provider ensures the fact that the resources are brought up to speed, while maximizing the results and limiting the internal management.

4. Scale Up/Scale Down as Per Your Changing Needs

Investing in technical resources is a major investment including direct costs, salary of the personnel, professional development, process integration and much more. Once an IT resource whether technical or human engaged, there is a wide range of rules and regulations on acquiring, managing and disposing/terminating them, which itself is a hassle. For instance, if we talk about human resources, there are definite rules that the employers need to follow such as paying severance amount for one year, if they want to let him go. Yet the reality is that, business needs can change anytime, and for that purpose you may also need to add up to or cut down your resources and staff. Responding to agile resourcing model becomes mandatory in such conditions. But global companies are opting for resource augmentation in normal situations too, in order to stay highly responsive to the changing needs of the market. Cutting their costs, adding up/reducing their headcount, getting hands on the new technical systems, infrastructure and the latest skills is increasingly becoming a trend which allow businesses to complete their projects easily and quickly without getting into any complexities, legalities and any additional cost.

5. Keep Oversight of Your Internal Processes

Adding outside resource to your business and projects clearly reflects that you are trusting someone other than your existing resource pool which uphold the key system for your business. Resource argumentation serves as an extension to your existing resources and that is why they add up to a layer of concern. With resource augmentation, you clearly know that your change management requests and core processes will be followed. All you need to do is to simply submit your internal business process information with your resource augmentation partners and let their IT talent and resources meet them. But yes, never forget to keep a periodic check. Staying compliant across the industry and implementing best practices can be at time challenging, but resource outsourcing tends to simplify the process for you.

In sum, your business needs a relevant resourcing model all the time that not only enable your business to stay competitive to the global market but also helps in your growth. So, whether you are in vesting in new technologies, staff and taking your business to the new location, there is a long list of benefits that resource augmentation has to offer you.