Mobile Experience can Make or Break Your Brand’s Reputation


Mobile has grown to become the leading digital platform for consumers to engage with their favorite brands and make purchase decisions. In a situation like this, brands can’t afford to ignore its importance in building and maintaining reputation. The experience consumers have after engaging with the mobile channels is crucial for brands’ reputation.

Brands seeking to maintain their reputation need to put great emphasis on their mobile strategy. Studies have shown that consumers seek to derive a consistent experience while engaging with mobile apps and websites. And brands failing to provide pleasing experience suffer large setbacks in terms of loss of reputation.

One bad experience can hurt your brand

A study conducted by Sitecore and Vanson Bourne revealed that one-third of customers stop purchasing from brands after one poor mobile experience while 93% immediately take action. This results in poor brand perception. And ultimately hurts its performance.

Contextual approach creates better experience

Maintaining a satisfactory brand reputation in the future requires brands to create a more personalized experience through mobile apps and websites. While surveying consumers, the report revealed that more than 35% users expect a personalized experience.

The struggle is more fierce for retail brands as consumers seek greater convenience in shopping through their mobile phones. The survey revealed that 27% of users want to be able to shop while on the move. Whereas, 25% respondents wanted their mobile apps to respond to their location changes.

Majority users can’t find satisfactory mobile experience

Sadly, 6 out of ever 10 mobile users fail to find the satisfactory mobile experience. Furthermore, a majority of users complained about inconsistent mobile and web experience and unsatisfactory customer support.

With growing use of smartphones, brands face a challenge to create more engaging more personalized applications and content to attract and retain customer loyalty. Brands that fail to meet the requirements can lose their market share significantly and consequently result in the death of the brand.