How to Build a Mobile App that Makes Million


In the future, mobile apps are going to be everywhere be it Healthcare, Sports, Entertainment, Banking or Real Estate. If you want to generate profit with a mobile app, you need to think of an idea that works.

Like any successful app, creating an app begins with research and brainstorming on the ideas that click your mind at first. There are possibilities that your idea may exist on the Internet, but it doesn’t matter. You can choose the same concept but change the approach. Like Slack and Bitrix24 both aims to make communication easy but the document management system in Bitrix24 makes it a better choice when comparing both.

 To make an outstanding app, you don’t need to follow any set of rules but a roadmap that leads to the right destination.

For this, we have devised a strategy that will help you to make millions from an app. Let’s begin:


1) Start With Why


Apps that get popular aren’t the one that revolves around your needs and business. It’s the ones that target user problems and cater to their needs.

Observe your environment and watch over the real world problems that are bothering your community. Think how you can resolve them with an app. If your sole purpose is to make money with your app, it will not last for long, but if your app is tailored to community needs, it will be beneficial for long.

Consider these questions:

– Why do you need to create an app

– What is the mission of your app

– Is your app user-centric

– What problems your apps are solving

– How long will your idea last

2) Share Your Idea


Once you jot down the list of ideas, the next step is to share it with your friends and family. Note their feedback on your idea. It’s okay if you receive critics. It will help to modify it, and your mind will open up to more scenarios that can advance your simple app idea.

You can also share your views on online forums like Quora or Reddit and check people recommendations on it.

Your idea can be marvelous, but it may have some limitations which your cognitive mind may not read. Sharing it with people will grow your mindset and help your idea to evolve. Or maybe you can switch your idea immediately if people don’t find it real.

From here, you fuel your motivation to start app development.

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3)  Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


If you have finalized your idea don’t get in a hurry to launch. You might commit a mistake.

Create a Minimum Viable Product. It is a set of core functionalities to test your idea whether you are offering something unique or is it feasible enough to help your business model.

If you would take the example of Snapchat, they launched an app initially that allowed users to send images. Only after that they planned to make it better and started to work on more features.

Take another example of Airbnb who used a door-to-door approach in New York. They recruited new users and helped existing ones improve their listings by visiting each of them personally.

The reason why MVPs are helpful because it can save you from investing big in your idea unless it is worth it. Once you have created your MVP share it with everyone. Collate their feedback on the features your product have. Drop the ones which they aren’t finding helpful and double check the ones which are coming up to their needs perfectly.

Now when that you are confident on your product you can go ahead or hire mobile app development services to build the app for you.


4) Should your app be Android-based or iOS?


When you have planned to launch your app, your thoughts swayed to either iOS or Android?

Why is it important? To get well-acquainted with your target users including their needs and wants. It tells which audience will suit your app the best.

Android holds 85% of the market share globally. If you want your app to reach a large audience, then Android would be best for you. Also, Android is preferred more because of its affordability and alluring features. But, if it has features like In-App purchases and subscriptions, then iOS is the way to go.


5) Build and Market


Done with the planning stage? It’s time to launch your product.

There are two types of mobile app development; Native Applications and Mobile Web Applications. Decide which one you’ll be needing for your app idea and go for it. Discuss with your skilled developers, bring them on board. You may find hurdles in the implementation process or in choosing the right technology for your app. But regardless of the obstacles, your app needs to be dominant.

After the launch of your app, it’s time to market it. You’ll need to craft a marketing strategy that works for you. Leveraging social media platforms will help to increase your sales and market ROI.

You can also market the problems your app has solved and how it catered to the consumer needs.


If you are thinking your app will start generating profit soon after its launch, then you are mistaken.

A pre homework is necessary to come up with a sustainable idea. The strategies mentioned above will help you to launch a successful mobile application that will also generate revenue.

Do you have plans to release your mobile app?

If Yes, how will you start?