How Much Does SharePoint Intranet Cost?


Believing that you have already enough researched the advantages of having SharePoint intranet to your enterprise, we are now moving down to the brass tracks of discussing how much the SharePoint intranet will cost you? First thing, you need to understand that is, there is not easy and straightforward way to pin down the accurate total cost that it would take to get your enterprise SharePoint Intranet. However, here we have discussed some of the important factors that will surely provide you with a definite bottom line when you will be pricing out your total cost for SharePoint Internet.

Most of the platforms come with plenty of capabilities and features, everything from social networks to virtual workspaces, and it also take quite a time period to get each of their part correctly implemented. The time and the amount of money that you will be spending is significantly dependent on your organization’s size, number of employees and the capabilities & features that you will need for your enterprise.

With an experience of 10+ years in hand, Code Creators Inc. have deployed SharePoint Intranet Solutions to plenty of small, medium and large-sized enterprises, and they usually ranged between $15,000 to $252,000. We know that it is a very wide range, but you can reach up to a ballpark cost estimate for your organization, by analyzing three main factors i.e. Infrastructure Costs, Adoption/Deployment/Support Cost, and Payment Options.

Infrastructure Costs

Having an intranet system is useless if you don’t have a definite infrastructure. It requires network connections and servers to operate an enterprise level portal, and hence the investment that you will in this regards will depend on how your intranet system will be set up, managed and maintained.

Public Cloud/SharePoint Online – A Public Cloud Server or Public Cloud is an off-site server to which your organization can connect through internet, and undoubtedly the advantages it offers are significant. Deploying SharePoint Intranet through publically hosted Office 365 server is cost-effective, and fastest. Being a subscriber to Office 365, your company can also enjoy complete range of benefits provided by the Microsoft hosted support, including data backups, speed and plenty of storage. It also provides improved data security in comparison to most of the local intranet installation and also does not require any support or assistance from your IT department.

Private Cloud/On-Premise Server – An intranet hosted On-Premise server usually costs more than a public cloud server/solutions using SharePoint Online and Office 365. Some business organization prefer On-Premise SharePoint Servers over Private Clouds, mainly because they believe that it will give them better security. But, this is wrong assumption, because this often end up spending a lot more than using a public cloud. Because setting up the On-Premise infrastructure and maintaining the intranet requires qualified, skilled and professional IT technicians that are capable of dealing with the upkeep; and unfortunately most of the organizations lack resources within this. Hence, in terms of infrastructure, a public cloud intranet solution using Office 365 is a better option.

The cost of infrastructure on Office 365 is minimal in contrast to the On-Premise solutions. So you should just pay annual subscription fee of $5 – $35/month and you are all good to use it. A trusted Microsoft Partner like Code Creators Inc. can provide you same prices, but along with a better access and support services along with the complete assistance for SharePoint migration and SharePoint Customization services.

Adoption/Deployment/Support Cost

The cost related to Deployment, Intranet Adoption and Support are dependent on multiple factors; as discussed below.

Intranet Adoption – Employee adoption to the intranet is a very important factors and it must never be overlooked. At minimum, employees within the organization should be provided with all-inclusive training about using all the available tools that will come along their new intranet portal.

Deployment Options – There are several low-cost deployment options when it comes to SharePoint intranet. Additionally, SharePoint can also be used differently to develop business specific solutions. For example, SharePoint can also be used as a social network to help boosting employee communication, or as a document management system to get quick and easy chain of approvals.  These features can also be used with SharePoint, but each of them brings along additional cost.

Support Cost – Once you launch your intranet platform, you will certainly require support either through in-house IT team or with the help of specialist outside the company. And, if your intranet ends up successfully, you will surely want your employees to use additional customizations and features. Hence, you should plan you budget accordingly while keeping the near future enhancement and improvement in mind.

Remember! All the customizations and features are charged accordingly considering their complication and added value. A professional SharePoint Consulting Company like Code Creators Inc. can help your prioritizing your needs across the important features and presenting all the important costs against each of them.

Payment Options & Subscription Charges

Many service providers offer SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) options, providing intranet subscription to your organization, costing you between $5-$35 per user/month. However, this subscription fee is dependent on the features that will be included in your software and also according to the size of organization. The subscription model of “pay-as-you-of-per-employee” may also work well for your business, which allows you to sign-up, connect to an ‘instant intranet’ and flip a switch, but you may not need to own and customize the platform as per your business processes.

At Code Creators Inc. we offer both One-Time Fee and SaaS model to accelerate your Intranet platform, through our own SharePoint search-based intranet. The one-time fee approach allows your organization to pay the up-front fee and accelerate the intranet that is being deployed on your public or private cloud. Once done, your company can then own and customize the platform as needed; and there is not extra fee also for adding users up, under this approach. Many business organizations usually find this one-time pricing model more efficient and simpler for their business needs. It can include the intranet design for the customizations within the project fee, which means that all the costs are known straightforwardly.

Once your business objectives are prioritized, and you have decided that where you want your portal to be hosted, and also find out that who will built it, you can easily estimate your SharePoint intranet cost. Average price for a personalized intranet by a SharePoint Consulting Company often lies between $15,000 to $100,000 and could exceed if you need any extraordinary customizations. Although payment under this plan is a one-time thing, yet you should keep it in mind that if your intranet platform turns out to be successful, you may likely to add new customizations and applications over the passage of time. We have seen through our vast experience that businesses that excel in using SharePoint intranet always get into discovering new ways to use its other tools, hence resulting into additional development costs later on. But, that is nothing to worry about, in fact, it is a good thing, because when you will see your employees at better and higher productivity level, you will be amazed to know how your investment will pay off.