How Much Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cost?


Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite is a collection of various cloud-based business applications, designed to enable organizations to streamline their processes needed to perform administrative tasks efficiently. This enables your employees to focus on other important things, such as, developing and maintaining customer relationships or ensuring to preserve future sales leads. This incredible flexibility of MS Dynamics 365 is what makes it used by companies as their core CRM.

After reading so much praise about these features, you must be wondering about the

License Dynamics 365

When you want to know how much does MS Dynamics 365 costs, then you first need to decide on the license that you will need. MS Dynamics 365 offers you a decent range of subscription licenses for business organizations.


In MS Dynamics 365, the license can be dispensed for either a device or a user. You can buy a license for a device that contains pertinent software without buying a new one for other device users. In other words, if there are multiple users to a single device, purchasing a license for a device is wise and affordable, instead of buying the individual license for each user. In such cases, companies can leverage costs by designating specific devices to be used in sales, operation, and customer services.

Full Users

Full users include those who are working within the organization and require partial or conditional access to all the available functionalities in Dynamics 365. Organizational users of Dynamics 365 could be people from the supply chain, human resources, finance, development, marketing, etc. However, professional and enterprise-level users might require a full user license, as they provide fundamental support to customer services and sales.

Team Members

For licensing purposes, organizations can also designate their workers as Teams. These team members are not tied to any specific business function, but require some basic access to Dynamics 365. The business organization can create scenarios for custom access for different licenses for their team members. This, enable employees to perform and collaborate over necessary functions.


If you want more access than the Team Member license, but less than the full license provided to users, then you should opt for Activity License. With Activity License, users get additional access within Dynamics 365, that is needed to perform critical business functions; for instance, creating new tasks for other members or approving completed tasks.

Pricing For Dynamic 365 Business Central Solution

Business Central Solution or License Pack of Dynamic 365 is specially designed to facilitate SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to help them streamline and automate their business functions like manufacturing, finance, sales, and shipping. It will cost you around $70/user/month for a Business Central Essential license and it provides you with the following capabilities and functions;

  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Warehouse Management.
  • Financial Management.
  • Warehouse Management.


If we talk about Business Central Premium, it will cost you about $70/user/month. Business Central Premium License provides users with advance access to all the features of Business Central Essential License, along with;

  • Service Management.
  • Manufacturing


Both Essential and Premium licenses include three external layers for customers who have external accounts. This enables them to connect with Business Central Application and provide them with supplemental data required for book-keeping or accounting.

For Business Central License costs $8/user/month when purchased for Team Member Licenses.

Dynamic 365 Sales Pricing

For a Sales Professional License, you need to pay $65/month for 1st user licenses, and for any additional user, it costs $20/user/month. Whereas Sales Enterprise License costs $95/month for the 1st user, and $20 for every user added. With Sales Professional Licenses, you get access to the following capabilities;

  • Forecasting
  • Gamification
  • Teams
  • Quick Campaigns.
  • Marketing Campaigns.
  • Marketing Lists.
  • Hierarchies
  • Social Engagement.
  • Sales Playbooks.


There is an additional license included for Dynamics 365 Sales which include the following;

  • Microsoft Relationship Sales – This costs $162/user/month and it combines the benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise and Dynamic 365 Sales Enterprise.
  • Sales Premium – This costs around $135/user/month and it provides access to the Dynamic 365 Sales Insights.


Dynamic 365 Service Pricing

In this section, we have listed all the pricing details and licensing costs for different elements of Dynamic 365 Service. Below listed are the prices for the 1st user and subsequently, charges of $20 need to be paid for the user license purchased at every level.

  • Customer Service Professional – This will cost you $50/user/month and it comes with a knowledge base and self-service customer service portal. It also includes analytics and basic resources for customer support agents.
  • Customer Service Enterprise – This will cost you $95/user/month and it brings along customer service professional functionalities. Users will also get access to dispatching and scheduling services and integrate and manage other resources with Dynamics 365 apps.
  • Field Service – This will cost $95/user/month and especially designed for those who work on the field.
  • Remote Assist – You need to pay $65 per user/month if you want to gear up your employees to work remotely.


Additional Dynamics 365 Pricing

There are some other licensing options of the Dynamic 365 platform available for other elements.

Marketing –  It will cost $1500 for the 1st user and for every additional tenant it charges $750.

  • Fraud Protection – $1000/month/tenant.
  • Commerce – It costs $180 for the 1st month and for $30/month/user for additional users.
Customer Data –
  • Customer Insights – It costs $1500 for the 1st user and for every additional tenant it charges $1000.
  • Customer Voice – $200/month/tenant.

Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Chain Management –It costs $180 for the 1st month and for $30/month/user for additional users.
  • Guide – $65/month/user.


Project Management – It costs $120 for the 1st month and for $30/month/user for additional users.

Finance – It costs $180 for the 1st month and for $30/month/user for additional users.

Human Resources – It costs $120 for the 1st month and for $30/month/user for additional users.

Get the Best Dynamics 365 Pricing

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