Differences Between SharePoint Online and Office 365


SharePoint online and office 365 are two tools that have been developed by Microsoft to aid in the execution of certain office tasks. They are interconnected tools and one of the most popularly used in getting tasks done faster and more efficiently.

What are the unique features that each possesses which you can leverage on to get office tasks done? Here are few differences between these Microsoft tools.

Best Use

  • Office 365:
    Office 365 is best used when storage of files is non-complex and does not contain a huge content. It is the best tool for small companies that do not require a sophisticated file management system.
  • SharePoint Online:
    SharePoint online is a cloud-based storage of documents that are complicated and requires optimum security and maintenance. It is a collaborative platform integrated with Microsoft that is configured and enables an organization to store, manage, retrieve, share, and search documents.

Product Type

  • Office 365:
    Office 365 is a single product that encompasses all of Microsoft productivity applications. An umbrella it is, which harbors productivity tools such as Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, and PowerPoint among other related tools.
  • SharePoint Online:
    SharePoint, a component of Office 365, is just a standalone Microsoft product that is bought independently. This cloud-based service makes it possible for businesses and organizations to share and collaborate with partners, colleagues, and customer. SharePoint also makes it possible to access documents, internet sites, and other information anyplace, anywhere.  

Software: Cloud vs. Server

  • Office 365:
    Office 365 service is cloud-based rather than being a desktop application. Buying this suite requires downloading it from a cloud than installing from a disc.
  • SharePoint Online:
    SharePoint is a collaborative file management application that utilizes internal and external sites. SharePoint is installed on servers and controlled by office 365 and SharePoint consultants. With SharePoint, you can access your information anytime from your mobile device, tablet, home, or office.

Functional Requirements

  • Office 365:
    Office 365 requires many requirements to guarantee that it functions optimally with your email, hardware, software, phone system and many other components of your organization.
  • SharePoint Online:
    SharePoint costs less to use, as there is no hardware to purchase. It requires fewer components to run and still attain top level of productivity. An I.T team is all that is needed to maintain the server and add updates.

SharePoint Online is a vital part of Office 365 and is the most chosen amongst users. It offers flexibility and functionality in the management of files at a low cost. These differences between Office 365 and SharePoint consulting services give you a better knowledge of the application to integrate with your business organization.

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