Why Companies Should Migrate to SharePoint Online Today?


In 2020, more than 200 million people will rely on Microsoft SharePoint, which was first released in 2001 and has seen phenomenal growth in popularity over the past 20 years. SharePoint Online is a cloud-based, file sharing, collaboration, and content management system that facilitates the online storage, sharing, and collaboration of documents. Having a SharePoint site that is both functional and well-designed can simplify your life when it comes to storing and sharing files. Despite SharePoint Online’s popularity, some companies stick with archaic on-premises solutions. This article will cover the top 6 reasons why companies should consider migrating to SharePoint Online immediately.

Are You Planning to Migrate to SharePoint Online Soon?

Since its inception, Microsoft SharePoint has been instrumental in business collaboration and communication, so it’s no surprise that MS Office 365 and SharePoint have radically altered the way many businesses function.

SharePoint has undergone a tremendous amount of change, evolving from a simple application into a powerful modern workplace platform that enables document and content management, and workplace collaboration more efficiently. On top of that, it also provides improved provision of web content and portals that assist businesses in achieving higher levels of productivity. Microsoft has introduced many useful enhancements to SharePoint Online, and it intends to keep them there.

Research shows that approximately 55.56 % of SharePoint users have already migrated to the cloud-based platform. Companies that have made the switch from On-premise SharePoint 2010 and 2013 to SharePoint Online likely view these older versions of the software as dated and incompatible with newer technologies. Many businesses today are making the switch to SharePoint Online without giving it much thought because of the benefits that cloud solutions can provide in terms of increased productivity and better communication.

Why Companies Should Migrate to SharePoint Online?

SharePoint Online is a cloud-based collaboration service platform that enables businesses to use a unified framework for their various websites, internal intranet, and numerous team/organizational sites. Reasons, why businesses should consider migrating to SharePoint Online, are listed below.

Accelerate Your Growth Effortlessly with Easy & Quick Scaling

Companies with a history of using on-premises storage know all too well the effort and expense required to upgrade their server’s storage capacity. Although storage costs have dropped dramatically in recent years, keeping track of available space can be a hassle unless you plan ahead. The storage needs of a company using OneDrive and SharePoint Online can be met immediately through the purchase of additional storage space. Similarly, they can reduce the storage space they have if they aren’t using it.

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Security Enhanced

The sophistication of cybercriminals’ methods has increased as the cybersecurity threat terrain has shifted at a frenetic pace. A company using an internal storage system must take precautions to protect its data from all known threats. This is challenging work that requires a team of cybersecurity experts. Microsoft has a top-notch security team that works round the clock to keep sensitive data safe in OneDrive and SharePoint Online. You can always configure your SharePoint platform to conform to the needs of most governments’ rules surrounding storage and confidentiality concerns, and this is true whether or not your business is liable to such regulations.

Remote Employment

As a result of the pandemic, hybrid and remote work have exploded in popularity over the past two years. As a result of this shift, it is crucial that IT infrastructure be available 24/7, regardless of location or user’s preferred method of access. On-premises file storage via VPN makes this possible; however, doing so increases the IT complexity of a business and, varying according to the size of the business, could perhaps cause the VPN to become overloaded. The SharePoint Online platform allows users to access company data and applications from anywhere.

Successful Teamwork, Workplace Collaboration & Productivity Growth

Being a Microsoft product itself, SharePoint Online works flawlessly with the rest of Microsoft’s 365 suite. Employees can now work on documents simultaneously while maintaining version control, even when involving third parties from outside of the company. SharePoint Online also makes use of cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to aid users in their quests for lost documents. As a result, staff can spend less time-wasting effort on unproductive document searches within a local storage system and more time actually working on meaningful projects.

Modifiable to Fit Any Company’s Needs

SharePoint Online can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organization when it comes to file storage and document management. Not only can you use SharePoint with its standard features, but you can also create your own unique content and functionality if you so choose. SharePoint Online also allows businesses to add their own logos and colors to make the platform feel more like an internal intranet.

Constant Efforts to Improve

Microsoft continues to put significant resources into developing new features and updating existing ones to better serve the needs of modern businesses. SharePoint is no exception; updates are regularly released to enhance the platform and its capabilities for teamwork and productivity.

Benefits of Hybrid Settings

Even if you love your On-Prem deployment, you can still get benefits from SharePoint Online. This is because on-prem and the cloud don’t have to be “either” and “or”. Because SharePoint’s hybrid deployment can really save your day. The hybrid model can be especially useful if you’re still wary of cloud computing and other cloud-based technologies due to concerns about data security. In order to avoid spending money on the “rip and replace” method, you can keep the most sensitive data on-premise while migrating the rest of the data to SharePoint Online, where you can engage in regular collaborations.

Incorporate Strong Mobile Capabilities

Since the advent of the modern workplace, we no longer have to be confined to a single location. It’s great to be able to go where the work is and to have virtual command of our output. If you forget to bring your work computer with you, you can still access all of your files and folders thanks to Office 365 and SharePoint Online, which are both available online and as mobile applications. You can check your emails, presentations, and analytics whenever you want, from any mobile gadget. An ovation for effective effort!

These are just a few of the many benefits of switching to SharePoint Online. Migrating to SharePoint Online has never been easier. One of the best things about switching to SharePoint Online is that you won’t have to move your data again. There will be no more bumps in the road, only swift and effortless output.

SharePoint Online’s capabilities can revolutionize how organizations of any size think about and use their internal and external file storage systems and employee efficiency. Get in touch with us today if your company is still using outdated, on-premises file storage solutions or if you’re curious about the ways in which SharePoint Online could improve your workflow.