10 unavoidable Reasons to hire a IOS Developers
10 unavoidable Reasons to hire a IOS Developers
on February 16, 2018 11:11 am

An IOS developer is basically an expert programmer that develops highly creative and expert native applications for all iPhone users. However, the development of IOS is at its peak because of the increasing market of iPhone around the world. The iPhone is known as the best phone with respect to security and performance, But since the launch of the best android phones like Google’s pixel and Google’s Nexus the market of IOS sudden came downwards.

This sudden downfall lead apple iPhone towards backward and Samsung and google android phones are increasing day by day due to ease of use and better user experience and for being open source most of the projects are now developed on android or react native to support both platforms.

Hire IOS developer is a risk:-

Hiring an IOS developer for any company is a risk for the company, following are the main reasons to avoid IOS developer:

1. The first reason is many big companies and multinational organizations demand custom software with Android applications and hybrid applications rather than only IOS App as because many of the users in the organization are android users.
2. They are fewer chances to get a native IOS app from the client which leads to sudden risk for Software Company this is one of the main reason for Un-hiring IOS developers
3. Another reason is the platform dependent which means IOS app cannot be created for cross-platform communication because it only supports IOS based phones and even though they cannot communicate with any other web apps and desktop apps as well.
4. IOS developer are very cost effective developers because their salaries are very high and their projects have very low cost, As cost matters for every organization and have to manage each everything with respect to cost and for this reason, many organization avoids to hire an IOS developer.
5. One of the most important points in the IOS development can only be done on Mac based pcs rather than any other pc in the world for which the organization to pay Apple a heavy amount to buy its services in order to design and develop lively applications.
6. The IOS development funds to be costly because of the high cost of API and libraries of Apple which is important for all kinds IOS creative apps
7. Another big reason for lack of iPhone users is because the phones are very costly and don’t have ease of use due which many customers encounter problems to use iPhone.

Unavoidable reasons to hire Developer:-

The IOS developer is now approaching the freelance market with its expertise and experience having deep knowledge apple systems. Below are some of the reasons which are led the companies to hire IOS developer even if they have some problems mentioned above:
1. Customized platform:
The IOS development cannot be customized by any company as because the apple company have not only released perfect development tools but also kept some standardized pattern to design the IOS apps which led the IOS development more complex and perfect for all type of iPhones.

2. Security:
As we are talking about hiring IOS developers for developing IOS apps is their high-end security. The IOS applications are said to be more secure rather than Android and web apps.

3. Availability:
The IOS apps have a big advantage of their availability means that their database is very strong and app store hosting is much faster in performance and responds quickly if there are a million users using the app.

4. Buying of resources:
The company some time doesn’t need to invest in buying IOS services as because the developer hired already have such resources.

5. Find Dedicated IOS developer:
The IOS applications are robust and have much efficiency. Does the company need to hire a dedicated IOS developer having a great knack, wide experience, and in-depth knowledge about latest technology advancements, iOS tools, iOS device features and iOS 10 platform ensures that developers can build one-of-a-kind application?

6. IOS Hardware based apps:
There are many different types of apps that can be built in IOS rather than in android as because IOS have USB device connectivity with phone and with this functionality, we can build many different types of apps.

7. Knowledge gaining Developers:
The IOS developers have keen mind programming to learn new platforms in IOS and new frameworks related to IOS development.

8. Not an open-source platform:
The IOS main functionality is that it is not an open source means that this platform cannot communicate with another kind of devices and as far it increases IOS reliability and even if you are developing the app for mobile it can’t on any apple touch IPad.

9. Customer experience:
The IOS apps is a better form of getting a good business from the customers, as the IOS apps are robust and it is a good source of entertaining its users well.

10. IOS Development Services:
IOS development provides many different kinds of applications and services one of the common is the Apple’s app store. Besides that it provides various services ether it is related to hardware or any other type of integration and after the launch of Bluetooth in IOS devices they now can also use some of the hardware that passes data through Bluetooth rays for this reason many new libraries are introduced in IOS development in order to work and develop latest Bluetooth based devices like beacons used for processing to data.

These services in IOS are not free the particular developer has to buy these services in order to design such apps and the services very costly rather than Android and react native which led in an increase in the amount of budget.

In order to get hired by the company, the IOS developer must have the capability to fulfil their criteria and their need related to development so that it can be paid well on set position in the company even though it must have a keen knowledge of the web services, rest API and other online databases like firebase. These skills will lead towards good development job.

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