10 unavoidable Reasons to hire a IOS Developers


An iOS developer is basically an expert programmer who develops highly creative and expert native applications for all iPhone users. iOS developers are responsible for creating apps that are compatible with Apple devices.

As of January 2017, Apple had an approximation of more than 2.2 million iOS apps (Wikipedia). The number is only increasing due to the growth in the user-base of smartphones and tablets. The iPhone beats its competitors over security and performance but the industry is thriving with competition and android phones like Google’s pixel and Google’s Nexus have already started to challenge Apple’s position in the market.

With the ongoing changes and shifts in the market shares, Apple faces tough competition from its major competitors Google and Samsung, both of which work on Android phones. Innovation has become more important than ever for survival and in the tech industry, the innovation needs to be fast-paced.

Unavoidable reasons to hire an iOS Developer

The iOS developer is now approaching the freelance market with his/her expertise and experience having deep knowledge of Apple systems. With all the challenges faced by Apple from its competitors, it still holds a significant market share, which is why we have compiled a list of reasons why hiring an iOS developer is almost unavoidable.

Customized platform

The iOS development cannot be customized by any company because Apple has implemented standardized patterns to design the iOS apps which gives the developers a certain pathway resulting incompatible apps for all type of iPhones.


The IOS app are said to be more secure rather than Android because of the measures taken by Apple. Apple has a stricter approach as compared to Android when it comes to making apps secure. There is more checks on apps being uploaded on the app store, hardware integration is more secure and Android apps are more prone to malware attacks as compared to iOS apps.


It is not easy to manage millions of apps on the store and it is a tedious job but iOS apps are much better organized as compared to Android’s Play Store. iOS 11 plays it much better at creating a more user-friendly experience for using the App Store.

Buying of resources

iOS developers are usually loaded with resources and the client doesn’t have to worry too much about facilitating them with new resources.

Find a Dedicated iOS developer

The IOS applications are robust and efficient. You can always find dedicated iOS developer having a great knack for creativity, wide experience, and in-depth knowledge about latest technology advancements, iOS tools, iOS device features and iOS platform expertise who can ensure the development of a  one-of-a-kind application.

 iOS Hardware based apps

There are many different types of apps that can be built in IOS rather than in android since iOS allows USB device connectivity with phone. With the help of this functionality, you can build many different types of apps.

 Up-to-Date Developers

The iOS developers have a keen mind in programming because they have to learn new platforms in iOS and frameworks related to IOS development.

 Not an Open-Source Platform:

The iOS is not an open source platform which means that this platform cannot be used to communicate with devices that aren’t iOS based. As a result, iOS reliability increases.

 Customer experience:

Arguably, one of the most significant advantages of hiring an iOS developer is the aesthetics and experience that iOS apps provide. Customer experience is a key factor in iOS apps success and no iOS developer will compromise on it.

 iOS Development Services:

iOS development provides a huge variety of apps and services through the Apple App Store. It also provides various services related to hardware integration and after the launch of Bluetooth feature in iOS devices, sharing data between devices has been easier and convenient. Many new libraries are introduced in iOS development in order to work and develop latest Bluetooth based devices like beacons used for processing data. These services in iOS, however, have to be bought by the users.

In order to get hired by the company, the iOS developer must have the capability to fulfil their criteria and needs related to development. This is necessary in order to have a client who is satisfied and is willing to work on more future projects.