5 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Ecommerce Website


If you are ready to build your eCommerce store, and you don’t know that where to exactly start from, then the first suggestion you may get from every other source is WordPress. And the reasons are very obvious, which is why more than 75 million websites have been made so far using WordPress, which makes it one of the most sought-after Content Management System to get your eCommerce store idea to reality by using a very simple process. In this blog post, we have discussed 5 reasons that you should consider while choosing WordPress for your eCommerce website.

1. WordPress Is an Open-Source Software

There is wide array of website builders available in the market that provide you with ready-made templates and even customized website development services, but WordPress is not one of them. WordPress is an open-source platform, which means it is available for free, and it is maintained by the community and not by any particular company. But, you must be wondering that how can that be of help for you?

So, if you use WordPress for your eCommerce website development, you can use the platform for free and can customize your eCommerce website however you would like it. Moreover, the platform is getting better day by day, since the WordPress Community is continuously working on adding and improving and adding its features, fixing bugs and enhancing user experience.

Also, the most significant important is that you are completely free to host your own site wherever you would like. Numerous commercial website builder can also provide you with assistance in running your site, but this means sacrificing your security, performance, control and optimization. However, with WordPress you can choose a host which rightly suits your unique website requirements. Code Creators Inc. is the leading web hosting company and WordPress development company, with thousands of clients who trust us for our reliable WordPress development services.

2. WordPress Can Be Fully Customized According to Your Site Needs

The core platform of WordPress is simple and flexible by nature. It provides you complete freedom, rather than forcing you to design your website in a particular way. With WordPress, you can easily customize your works and looks, by using plugins system and built-in theme.

WordPress themes are basically fragments of software that you can install and download on your website. Such software helps you modifying your layout and appearance, while usually giving you various designing options. At WordPress, there are thousands of themes available and you can also find a lot of quality themes and designs for free from WordPress Theme Directory. All you need to do is to search for the type of website that you are looking for; for instance, blog website, photography website etc.

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3. WordPress Is Highly Flexible

Are you looking for a platform which helps you scribble down your now and then in your blog post? Or you want to create a highly-functional, sophisticated website with a refined and convenient shopping cart, easy payment options and secured customer data options, then WordPress could be sole solutions for all your needs. WordPress can be complicated and simple, depends on what functionalities you choose from your central dashboard.

Some sections, particularly the detailed settings could be tricky to comprehend first, but one of the best benefit of using WordPress is that it is very flexible. Unlike other platforms, that compel you to stick to the ready-made templates on web-page, WordPress allow you to resize and create text in any style and size, and add images wherever you want suited to your websites. The upside of this is that it provides you the flexibility to create website the way you want. The downside? You need to maintain consistency in style on all your web-pages.

Plugins allow you to optimized your website for search engine and make it appear in the search, help turning your site into an e-shop, create contact forms and much more. Almost anything that you want to do with your website, you can easily get plugins for that within WordPress.  

4. With WordPress, You Can Build Any Type of Website

A lot of people think that WordPress is only good for blogs website, but this not the case. Although it was initially used as a blogging platform, it has now evolved a lot to become a very flexible one. Now, you can use WordPress as a foundation for building any type of website. From government to business, to charity and news, WordPress can do it all. WordPress is an excellent choice for starting your blog website too, but it is also ideal for restaurant, job listing, portfolio etc. With WordPress, you can also turn your website an eCommerce store, and can sell service and products online.

You can easily find themes and plugins too, that can help you mold your WordPress installation into more dynamic and niche type pf website, such as knowledge based, wiki or any forum. Above all, the flexibility of this platform allows you to create a site which is capable of doing more than one things. For instance, your business site can also work for blogs and also as an e-shop.

5. With WordPress You Can Easily Find Support & Help

WordPress has a huge community which offers more than just themes and plugins. It also means that you can find support and help easily. Whether you are deciding to set up new site, want to learn new things about WordPress Development, trying to fix a problem, you can easily find helpful resources easily, everywhere.

Some of the free resources include the Official WordPress Forums, WordPress Codex, Structured WordPress Courses, Forums, Blogs and YouTube Channels. No matter what issues you are facing or what questions you have, you can easily find someone in the WordPress community may have experience in the same thing. Even a simple Google search is the thing that you may need to do in finding that person to get some help.

It is also a good idea to join WordPress Meetup close to you. The WordPress Meetup is a great way of learning and to connect with the growing community and to increase your WordPress knowledge. If you cannot make in-person meetings, these presentations are regularly posted online.

WordPress provides you the best of both easy-to-use and powerful platforms. Whether it’s your first website or not, WordPress can get your job easily done. And, because its open and free source, you are going to risk a thing by giving it a try.