Why Do Companies Decide to Develop Their Corporate Site Using SharePoint?


The modern business world requires corporate intranet to be much more than merely a communication medium for transiting information and documents among employees. A corporate intranet lacking the strategic dimensions to adapt and change with the user interaction is static. And, it can only become successful, if it has an appealing homepage which motivates users to explore through the site and content. Remember, an ugly homepage for a corporate intranet is really hard to love.

SharePoint empowers business organizations by making them more productive. It allows enterprises to make their corporate intranets more engaging, open, and accessible where their employees can find the required content. SharePoint has turned out to be the most preferred choice of enterprises when it comes to collaborative web-based platforms. Although Share Point is primarily sold as a cloud-storage and document management system, it is highly configurable, and its usage diverges significantly among enterprises. In this blog post, we will discuss some reasons that compel organizations to choose SharePoint to develop their corporate site that is interactive, adaptable, and interactive.

1. Effective Content Management

Content management systems must be capable of managing diverse content types, in contrast to a specialized system that is designed to handle a particular content type. SharePoint online provides a wide range of features including unauthorized access management and all kinds of alteration, changing, deletion in content placed over the intranet. It also allows to create, edit, review, approve, and publish content in a collaborated manner. Intranet being more open and organic, SharePoint offers amazing data storage as well as expansion capacities. SharePoint becomes a remarkably powerful option when its proficiencies of content management combines with space allocation.

2. Systemized & Connected Workforce

Although corporate intranets have changed into collaborative and social platforms to a greater extent. However, unfortunately, the decisions and ownership of intranet development and design often fail to implicate employees and their input. But SharePoint has been designed to make you experience this type of corporate intranet. SharePoint does not require you to have any special development or technical skills if you want to leverage its powerful features. Its smart features have made it a place for knowledge management and organizational learning. Increased collaboration among employees leads to a workforce which is closely connected while having a robust collaborative platform at their core.

3. Search Driven Functionalities

The increased need for having quick and timely access to the right information, get the era of old-style corporate intranets to die naturally, as they were designed solely for internal communication. In the modern ‘information-overloaded’ world, the smart features of SharePoint enable its users to access their desired content through its Basic Search, Content Search, and Continuous Crawl options. SharePoint offers its users to quickly and easily find their desired content and incorporate it in decision making through effective search options. In addition to it, SharePoint makes the content driven by these search queries, while enabling to refine search results.

4. Well-Designed & Highly Functional Portals

SharePoint is dominating the marketplace for enterprise portal solutions. It is providing highly-functional and well-designed intranet portals that are forming the workflow and information hub of the smart and modern enterprises. Available as an exceptional experience, SharePoint offers intranet users to benefit from its content curation and machine learning features, while also increasing the potential for personalized and relevant content experience. Microsoft has also determined to provide the SharePoint users the opportunity to use more while building less, with increased chanced to achieve greater values with prompt deployment.

5. Sustainability

Using SharePoint as a platform to develop corporate internet is highly attractive, mainly due to the latest Microsoft approach that it has chosen for its customer. The new Microsoft features of ‘Findability and Discoverability’ are centered at enabling enterprises to make their employees more productive, efficient, and empowered while making them spend their efforts and time on extending SharePoint’s usability.