Undeniable Benefits of Using a Microsoft SharePoint DMS


The significance of an efficient Microsoft SharePoint Document Management System(DMS)  is irrefutable for the successful functioning of a business organization, in modern times. With the increased dependency of companies over client/employee/user data, the need to organize and sort huge data volumes is becoming important with every passing day. DMS has lately become the ultimate choice of large enterprises for effective data management due to its advanced capabilities of managing, storing and retrieving files and collaboration on documents.

And when it comes to choosing the best, the Microsoft SharePoint DMS is simply unrivaled for the value and convenience that it delivers. SharePoint DMS offers enterprises with a myriad of benefits, but some of them steal the limelight. To know what perks it can provide to your enterprise, then please keep on reading.

What Benefits does a Microsoft SharePoint DMS Offers?

If you are using Enterprise SKU or Office 365, then you are already onboard to the SharePoint Online, which is great news because it is going to save a lot of your money, time and effort. Having SharePoint Online also save significantly on costs related to hardware, licensing, maintenance, and upgrading. SharePoint DMS is an amazingly convenient platform for document and content management, which works great for improving collaboration and engagement among its stakeholders. Microsoft SharePoint DMS is the most common document management system that is preferred by large and medium-sized enterprises due to the wide range of benefits it offers.

1. Next Level Collaboration & Productivity

Teamwork and collaboration play a crucial role in the game of innovation and success of any organization. SharePoint alone serves great as the intranet and fosters team engagement and collaboration. Coupled with its DMS proficiencies, it takes the teamwork and productivity to the next level, by providing enterprises with remarkable convenience in syncing files, automatically controlling their multiple versions and by facilitating all the team members to co-author the same document. Its inherent workflows are also extraordinarily smart, which allow to customize in-house business practices and automate business processes, without making you wait unnecessarily for the approvals, feedback, and digital signatures.

2. Incredible Accessibility

Undoubtedly, mobility is the manifested need of every flexible and innovative workplace. SharePoint DMS integrates seamlessly with your other business applications and reinforces the firm’s mobility by enabling your people to relish quick and safe access to their desired documents, anywhere anytime, by using the device of their own choice.

3. Multi-Layered Built-In Security

In every DMS, reside a large number of confidential and sensitive corporate files, and hence a strong need to guarantee their fortification and safety is absolute. Microsoft SharePoint DMS has intelligent, multi-layered, built-in security features that ensure 100% security of your content and files. Features like Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and the flexibility to set compliance and legal document as records to guarantee document protection and integrity with retention policies for the defined number of years are simply unparalleled.

4. Powerful Searching Abilities

Another great benefit of SharePoint DMS is that it serves you with its excellent searching proficiencies that help you in finding your desired content and document across the file libraries. SharePoint DMS has a powerful, built-in Enterprise Search option which finds your requested file just in few seconds. The metadata features enable you to label your documents according to their respective projects, teams, functions and file type, etc. This assist in quick sorting, filtration, subsequently resulting in speedy retrieval of your anticipated files.

5. High-Levels of Flexibility

SharePoint offers great flexibility to get custom-built solutions that exclusively suits your business needs. It offers you multiple deployment options to choose from, to optimize the productivity and the impact on your people while taking full advantage of your investment in the application. All SharePoint solutions, including SharePoint DMS, can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise, and even on the hybrid settings. It integrates beautifully with other applications to augment your productivity.

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