Top 10 Business Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint Online


Microsoft SharePoint has been around us for almost 18 years, and since its launch, it has become the first choice of the business organizations for a collaboration resource at an enterprise level. However, it was not the case until the release of SharePoint 2007, when business organizations started to harness the real powers of online collaboration. Microsoft released the final SharePoint Server versions in 2019 including Office Online Server products. However, the 2016 release of the SharePoint version was incredibly significant as it provided end-users, administrators, and IT professionals with remarkable new capabilities and possibilities. Even after its 2019 release, the majority of the experts and users still believe that the SharePoint 2016 is the most secured, scalable, high performing and reliable version until today. Among the SharePoint platforms, SharePoint Online allows users to create collaborative sites that can be used for sharing documents, starting blogs, assigning tasks, and building workflows.

1.  Simplified Everyday Activities

The out-of-the-box workflows of SharePoint Online allow its users to initiate, track and report everyday business activities, such as signature collection or approval on the regular documents, problem, and resolution tracking, and document review, etc. The best part is that all these activities can be completed without any coding. Close integration with web browsers, email, and familiar desktop applications provides a consistent and simple experience.

2.  Helpful in Regulatory Compliance

It helps you ensure that your sensitive business information is managed and controlled effectively, with the help of specifyied storage policies, security settings, expiration actions, and auditing policies for your business records according to your compliance regulations. This will also contribute towards reducing the litigation risks for your business.

3.  Simple, Consistent & Familiar User Experience

SharePoint Online is developed in close integration with the web browsers, email, and other familiar desktop applications, to provide a consistent user experience which simplifies how people use and interact with the business data, content and processes.

4.  Effective Content Management & Repurposing

Content authors and business users can create, edit, and submit content for approval and also schedule its deployment at the intranet and the internet sites. New document library templates have also simplified the management of multilingual content, as they are designed exclusively to maintain an effective relationship between the original and the translated versions of a document.

5.  Quick & Easy Access to Business Data

SharePoint Online offers your users quick and easy access to your business data that is present in a common system such as Microsoft CRM. By dragging configurable back-end connection in the browser, your users can personalize views and interaction with your business system. Your enterprise-wide MDR (Management Document Repositories) help your business to store and organize all the essential documents and one central location.

6.  Fast-Tracked Shared Business Processes

SharePoint allows you to use smart, technology-driven solutions without necessitating for any additional or customized coding. It will enable you to collect important information form the employees, partners, suppliers, and customers only through a web browser, Also, the built-in rules for data validation help you to gather consistent and accurate data that can be directly integrated into the business processes and back-end system while avoiding any error and redundancy which may result from manual data entry.

7.  Enhanced Employee Connection with Knowledge & Expertise

The ‘Enterprise Search’ feature incorporates business data along with all the important documents about people, documents, and webpages, etc. to produce relevant and comprehensive results. Features like spelling corrections, duplicate collapsing and alerts, etc. also contribute to improving the precision of the results so that you can easily and quickly find what you need.

8.  Non-Divulging Sharing of Sensitive Information

While using SharePoint, you can give your employees quick and easy access to the interactive, real-time Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet by using a Web Browser through the Excel Services operating on the SharePoint. These spreadsheets can also be used to efficiently maintain and share an up-to-date shared version with all the users while protecting any proprietary information that is embedded in the document such as strategies, quotation prices, and financial models, etc.

9.  One-Stop Integrated Platform

The architecture of SharePoint is scalable and open and is in support of interoperability and web services standards, including Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and XML. The SharePoint Online services have open, feature-rich Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and event handlers for document and data lists. These features are flexible enough to integrate with the existing as well as new systems.

10.  Informed Decision Making

With SharePoint, it is easier for employees to create lively, interactive Business Intelligence (BI) portals, that display and assemble critical business information from disparate data sources while using the integrated capabilities of BI such as Web-Parts, Dashboards, Scorecards, Business Data Connectivity Technologies and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The Centralized Report Center (CRC) offers all the users a central location to put up all the latest spreadsheets KPIs and reports etc.

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