SharePoint Tutorial for Beginners – Getting Started with SharePoint


What Is SharePoint?

There is a lot we can say about SharePoint but let’s start with the basic definition. It is a collaboration tool which helps you organize your documents and allow sharing of data across the various organizations. It empowers businesses by making the document search easy and offers a secure platform to store, access and share information.

You can use SharePoint by deploying it on your company’s server, or you can use it online. SharePoint online can help to move your business to the cloud so you can leverage the cloud-only advantages. With the countless benefits of SharePoint development services, you can maximize your team performance and transform business operations rapidly.

SharePoint development services offer a flexible solution to upscale your business productivity and boost document management. The meta tag feature of SharePoint can help you track the document editor, view document details and can also make easier for your colleagues to edit. Not only this, it offers security, versioning and successful integration to other Microsoft apps.

If you are new to SharePoint and looking for the push to gain access, then this blog will help you out. Let’s start!


How to Install SharePoint


Installing SharePoint on your team server is not a few steps process that can be achieved only by running the setup. For a successful SharePoint solution, you need to create a test environment first then configure your machine and make a successful connection.

There are different installation steps for all SharePoint versions but if you are looking for the basic one you can check the video on ‘how to install SharePoint.’

SharePoint Basics


Once you have installed SharePoint successfully, you can gain access to its comprehensive features and utilize them to transform your business operations. But since this blog is for beginners so let’s start with the basic features first.

1. How To Upload Files

  • – When you sign in to SharePoint, you can see on the top there is an ‘Upload’ option available.
  • – Click on it and you will have two options in the drop-down; Files & Folder.
  • – Click on ‘Files’ and select the file you want to upload.
  • – By doing this, you have uploaded your file successfully.


2. Opening Up Documents

  • – Open any document in SharePoint and click on the document name.
  • – On the top, you will see an option ‘Edit in Word’
  • – By clicking on it, you can easily edit the document and changes will be saved automatically.


3. Document Collaboration

Sharepoint makes document collaboration easy with your colleagues. When you open any document in SharePoint you can view the names of people who are currently working on the document.

You can also view the changes your colleagues are making and access the data quickly. Once you and your team are done with the editing of the document you can share it with whomever you want.

4. Document Searching

There are two approaches to search for a file in SharePoint.

  • – Using ‘Site Search Box’ available in the upper right-hand corner you can search the text you are looking for.
  • – Type the keyword/text in the search field.
  • – Hit Enter, you’ll get your results.


The second option is ‘Document Library Search Box’ available in SharePoint 2013

  • – Go to the root of the document library.
  • – In the header portion of the document library, you’ll notice a search window available.
  • – Type the text/keyword you are looking for and hit Enter.


5. Copying and Moving Files

  • – In the document library, checkmark the files you want to copy then select ‘Copy To.’
  • – Under ‘Choose a Destination’ you can select the folder you want to copy the information. If you are not able to find your destination folder or site, click ‘Browse Sites’ to view the full list of the sites to which you can copy the information.
  • – To move files select “Move Files’ from the options instead of ‘Copy To.’


Benefits of SharePoint For Business

Improve Business Performance

Sharepoint solution brings efficient document management and simplifies the collaboration process. You don’t need to edit a document separately and then upload it. With SharePoint, you and your teammates can work on the document simultaneously and share it either inside or outside of the organization. It helps to increase your business productivity, save your costs and improve the overall business performance.

Give your Site a Look

Implementing SharePoint doesn’t mean you can’t enhance the look of your site. With SharePoint branding option you can optimize your site with the latest web technologies and tools. You can also adjust the layout and visually align with your brand image.

Excellent Automation

Sharepoint development services help you to create workflows, automate business processes and let employees stay connected on a reliable platform. It also helps to avoid content duplication and simplify administrative tasks by making it faster and better.

Get Started with SharePoint Today

In the tutorial above I have explained the basic features of SharePoint that are important to know for beginners but SharePoint is beyond than that. It is an ideal tool to upgrade the content management system and improve team collaboration.
If you are looking for SharePoint development services or want to learn more about it, we’ll be happy to help you anytime.