SharePoint Innovations Transform Content Collaboration with Mixed Reality and AI


In the SharePoint Virtual Summit held on May 21, 2018, Microsoft Vice President and General Manager shared their vision and roadmap for 2018 displaying SharePoint innovation. They are planning to bring new exciting features that transform content collaboration by leveraging mixed reality and AI.

Mixed reality change the way you create, collaborate, learn and play. A blend of virtual and augmented reality, it transforms how you work with 3D data and other digital content around you.

Here are some features where SharePoint innovation along with mixed reality can help you learn, transform and collaborate.

Recruiting and Onboarding

Mixed reality can help the recruits or fresh employees to learn about organization history, culture, and architecture with a 360-degree video. They can explore rich information about the employees, organization products, policies with SharePoint charts, 3D maps and gain more interaction by navigating the campus.


The reason why mixed reality is ahead of other technologies because it transforms learning. Learning by visualization is more impactful as compare to reading and watching. Mixed reality sparks your senses and keeps you engaged throughout. It helps you gain a broad perspective with an unobstructed view of any topic. Not only this, you can also learn in depth about the topics that matter to you the most.

Product Development

Transform the traditional content into a dynamic product using a mixed reality by looking at data, content, and processes from every angle. It is the best way to explore a prototype in 3D to visualize improvements and rectify new opportunities.

Since creating mixed reality apps is a costly process and require headsets, so you’ll rarely find these products available.

SharePoint spaces allow you to repurpose your existing data, images, and documents. It helps you to interact with 3D content and augment a space for content from across Office 365. You can also create new capabilities for SharePoint spaces using SharePoint frameworks.

SharePoint Innovations bring AI to Content Collaboration

As announced in the conference, SharePoint will leverage AI, so when you store your documents on SharePoint, it will unlock new data for you.

Intelligent Searching

The new SharePoint mobile app will let you find data and other relevant resources in a click. You’ll see searches related to the document you were working on, get the recommended suggestions of people who can help to achieve your task and all the search will be tailored to what is required.

Imaging Capabilities

When you store your photos in Office 365, AI can analyze the details of the photos such as; where it was taken, extract text and recognize objects in photos.

Cognitive Services

AI content collaboration streamlines cognitive services such as geo-location, image-based extraction, and machine translation. It also helps decision-making by enabling automation.

More about Virtual Summit Conference

At the Virtual Summit, they also share SharePoint innovation that makes easier for the employees to work together. It also helps them to engage with the organization.

New Files Experience

In the SharePoint library, you’ll be able to create custom views, add and format custom columns and dig deep into the file activities. Moreover, the new features in the document library powers the command bar which let you synchronize files to your PC.

Organizational News and Page Management

An announcement was made to extend news and communications that encourages open communication. The conference announces to develop page management capabilities such as page metadata, scheduling, and approval.

On-premises, hybrid and Migration Announcement with SharePoint 2019

A large number of organizations, regardless of the size are gradually adopting SharePoint and Office 365. With it, they can leverage the cloud intelligence to gain the maximum potential to employees and IT admins.  The conference announces that SharePoint 2019 will enter public preview in June. It supports modern team sites, communication sites, hybrid scenarios including modern team sites, lists, and libraries. The customer can be facilitated by leveraging the modern Sharepoint experience and extensibility support with the SharePoint Framework.

It further announced to extend the multi-geo capabilities for Office 365.

The conference was more about powering SharePoint innovations content collaboration for workplace giving you access to all your documents with OneDrive, Office Applications and teamwork with Outlook. It also laid emphasis on streamlining business processes with Flow and PowerApps.

Summing up the conference in a few words would be that Microsoft is transforming the content collaboration by integrating mixed reality with AI. The transformation in the SharePoint will make it a one-stop platform for all business and help to improve the business productivity overall.

Disclaimer: The above highlights has been taken from Microsoft to aware you about the latest Virtual Summit Conference key points and SharePoint innovations that will transform the future of businesses.

SharePoint is a vast tool and learning it can gain numerous benefits to your organization. If you are looking to adopt SharePoint Development Services for your organization, we are ready to provide endless support throughout the process.