10 Tips of Managing Organizations Remotely, Leveraging Teams & SharePoint Online

Enable Remote Work Today Leveraging Team & SharePoint Online

Does your organization use any work collaboration platform for remote working? If you aren’t among the organizations, that have proactively embraced remote working options, then do it now, & enable your organization not to lose its productivity even in the crisis situations like today.

Participate in our webinar and learn about the ‘10 Tips of Managing Organizations Remotely, Leveraging Microsoft Teams & SharePoint Online’.

According to the latest telecommunication statistics, nearly 15 million people are remotely working during this Covid-19 crisis, which makes up around 10% of the total U.S population. The same report also says that 60% US companies, that have already adopted the remote work options are managing their business effectively even in these tough times, without radically compromising on their employee productivity and profits.

But Don’t Worry, if you have not embraced any of the remote work options until now. It’s still not late, and you can take wiser initiatives now. To begin with, hear and learn from our experts about how Microsoft Team and SharePoint Online can help managing your business organization, its everyday operations and employee productivity from anywhere in the world, while using any smart device.

Remote team management can be tricky and it comes with its own set of twists and quirks, but it befits very handy and effective if you have collaboration platforms like Microsoft Team and SharePoint Online at your disposal. So learn about ‘10 Tips of Managing Organizations Remotely Leveraging Microsoft Teams & SharePoint Online’ now, and enable your business organization, so that it keeps on going even in tough times like present-day.

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