How to Migrate Microsoft Access to SharePoint Online


Microsoft Access provides you with a great platform to create useful databases that you can then use on SharePoint. The database you want to create is designed on Access services, and people with SharePoint accounts can use the database through a website browser.

How it Works

Once a web database is published, Microsoft Access creates a SharePoint website that contains said database. Everything this database contains moves into SharePoint lists. There are three kinds of permissions that can be given to the visitors which include the following;

1.  Full Control (usually granted to admins who can make changes to the design)
2.  Contribute (access is provided to collaborators who can make changes but not change the plan)
3.  Read (allows visitors to only view data and not change anything significant)

Create an Access Database for SharePoint

You can always start the process with a template! The kind of model you use depends on your application. Template databases can be used as they are or modified based on your needs.

Create a New Database

Click on New in the File tab. This will lead you to a backstage view where you will find command options such as Publish to SharePoint. This is also where you will create a new database. Follow the following steps to start with ease.

1.  On the top left corner, you’ll find Available Templates, where you will click on Blank Web Database
2.  Create a File Name and Path.
3.  If you wish to change the oath, you can click on the option next to the File Name box and find a location for your database
4.  Finally, click on Create
5.  Your new database is ready

Publish and Sync Your Database

Once you have made all the changes you want to your web database, the steps to publish and synchronize it are quite comfortable.

To publish, do the following;

1.  In the File tab, click on the button save & Publish
2.  Click on Publish to Access Services
3.  Click on Run Compatibility Checker
4.  Under the option Publish To Access Services, you will fill in the address of the SharePoint site where you would like to publish your Microsoft Access database
5.  Type in a name for your web database in the Site Name This name will appear in the server URL of your application
6.  Click on Publish to Access Services

Once you have made all the design changes that are required, you will need to synchronize your database with the file on your device to the SharePoint online!

To synchronize, do the following;

1. Open the database which you would like to synchronize
2. Make the changes
3. Click on the File Tab
4. Click on Sync All

The process sure seems, but it is reasonably simple to follow through. With our guide, it will be even an even more seamless migration for you!