What Is SharePoint & How It Can Benefit Future Workplaces?


There is so much confusion exists within the industry, when it comes to SharePoint and its implementations. Even at the basic level, you may easily find people and in fact business people who will not be aware of the name of SharePoint. SharePoint is amazing and powerful, but it is nothing but a mirage for you if you are not aware of its powerful functionalities and features.

So, before diving into the discussion that why SharePoint is said to be the future of modern workplaces, let’s have a quick overview for those who are not aware of this magnificent software system, and a quick recall for those who are in anyway aware of SharePoint.

What SharePoint Exactly Is? – A Quick Overview

The first things that you need to know is that SharePoint is not a ready-made, off-the-shelf software solutions, instead a highly customizable and flexible platform designed by Microsoft to help business enterprises attaining creditable levels of workplace collaboration. Just think of SharePoint like iOS or Android app development platforms, that app developers use to create various different types of applications.

When it comes to SharePoint, the term that you will always find going along with it is SharePoint Development. This is because, developing and customizing a SharePoint platform for your business needs is not everyone’s cup of tea, and you will be going to need a professional SharePoint development company for this, such as Code Creators Inc. or any other similar companies like Viftech Solutions. These professional SharePoint development companies have extensive expertise, skills and latest tools in hand that can help you get your SharePoint solution tailored, right according to your business needs. According to Microsoft, currently there are over 190 million people across the globe, that are using SharePoint.

The foremost reason which compel business organizations to dwell on SharePoint is its ability to provide highly responsive and interactive internal and external business portals. These portals facilitate enterprises with all type of data handling, storing and accessing information, and a lot more with the help of a usual web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge etc. However, you must know that SharePoint is not only about creating portals, and its scope is rather expansive.

We completely understand the fact that understanding, comprehending and using SharePoint is not something that you can learn in a jiff. It rather requires your time and attention. Most of our clients get worried in the beginning and we usually calm them with a very simple example. That, suppose that one of your old uncle who has never heard of or used internet, then the first thing that he is going to ask you will be, ‘What is Internet?’ or ‘How can I search anything on the internet?’ Your struggle to explain him might not satisfy him completely, and nor even enable him to use it on his own at first. But, if you provide him the smartphone and give him a tutorial of searching may be just once or twice, and then leave him with it for some time to allow him test and explore, then he will soon get the hang on it. Same is the case with SharePoint and business enterprises. Your SharePoint Development company can get you tailored or customized platform, but you will get a hold of it in some time. Many SharePoint Development companies also provide training sessions to enable the internal IT teams and employees learn effective usage of their SharePoint platform. Now let’s learn about its utilities and significance for your business.

Why is Microsoft SharePoint Important?

SharePoint’s importance can be attributed to two factors- one is its ease of use, and other is the convenience that it offers to businesses. Being a documentation management tool and a collaboration platform, SharePoint helps businesses to integrate their workflow effectively. With its extensive set of technologies and integration capabilities, SharePoint helps to bring an organization together by simplifying its internal processes.

According to GitHub, research shows that over 86% of companies listed in Fortune 500 are using Microsoft SharePoint for managing their routine operations. One may wonder, why these high-end businesses are preferring SharePoint? Or why this software has become critical for business enterprises. This increasing significance of SharePoint can be attributed to two main factors i.e. its ease-of-use and secondly its convenience and flexibility. Predominantly being a document management system, and a collaboration tool, which helps businesses to effectively integrate their workflow.

What’s the Future of SharePoint & How It Can Benefits Future Workplace?

Microsoft’s recent conference drops a clear indication for SharePoint users that 2022 will be going to see massive features in SharePoint’s release and that is going to be HUGE. According to Microsoft, SharePoint’s features are designed exclusively to serve modern day and future workplaces.

As well all know that modern workplaces are evolving day by day, becoming more dynamic, flexible and interactive. And Microsoft has envisaged the similar dream of enabling Microsoft Office 365 to meet the needs and wants of the future workplaces. In its next release, Microsoft has promised to encumbered SharePoint with better, cutting edge technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and much more. According to IT experts, new features of SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 will enable future workplaces to attain even higher levels of workplace collaboration, flexibility and productivity.

1. Digital Experience

SharePoint’s new feature called ‘SharePoint Home Sites’ is designed to boost your organization’s time to value ratio. These Home Sites are basically just like landing pages for the users. With this feature, you can take the bid of unlocking a new world of interactive and engaging workplaces, where you Home Sites will keep your users engages and interact with them. Events, news, chats etc. and any other thing that will be concerned or relevant to your designation within the company will be available on your dashboard. This would benefit future workplace in terms of efficiency, because any feature that is designed to help employees with relevant content, information and navigation lead to improved productivity.

2. Simultaneously Working On Your Documents

It will be unimaginable till now. Usually, it takes a round of planning to discuss the way ahead. Fluid Framework will let you do it then and there, instantly.

Microsoft has launched a new Fluid Framework that can help you enjoy a unique web experience like never before. The framework enables multiple users to write and edit on a single document. This co-authoring feature is also infused in SharePoint and it is revolutionizing the way people used to work on projects, removing communicating and hierarchical barriers and providing everyone with authority. With this functionality of SharePoint online, all the project team member can stay updated with the progress, can discuss about anything and can also share ideas. The Fluid Framework is available across MS Word, MS Teams, MS Outlook and other Microsoft tools, all across the globe.

3. Connect With Yammer

Yammer comes amongst the top offerings presented by the Microsoft SharePoint. It not only helps in connecting people working within the enterprises through social networking, but also help building culture of dynamic workplace relationship between people at various organizational levels. Yammer is commendable in enabling strong workplace relationships, while its interactive bot helps fostering development and growth via interactive experience.

4. Effortless Enterprise Level Search

Millions of employees produce enormous data amount across thousands of organization is just one second. Transforming this data into meaningful information is a great responsibility and usually lies with the statistician and data managers. But, with Microsoft Search, things are now changing. Microsoft Search provides a unique enterprise level search experience. A study shows that about 60% of employees within the companies undergo meagre data classification issues. Because data that is not transformed into useful information is useless and a burden for management. Microsoft Search helps you find and access data from any part of your organization and you can do this all with a small, simple search bar, just like you do on your browsers. And the entire process is completely secured as well.

5. SharePoint Spaces

SharePoint Space offers an ultimate user experience while redefining the modern workplace’s outlook. SharePoint Spaces exploit mixed and immersive reality technology to predict, create and estimate use cased for each project. This enable intensive testing of every project in VR (virtual reality) and thus require taking care of every minor detail.

All of these features and a lot more are going to be available for future workplaces. SharePoint services are not creative and rampant pushing developers to be more innovative and engaging. The way Microsoft is making progress in SharePoint and in its efforts to make modern workplaces richer in terms of experience, on this is confirmed that SharePoint is certainly the future of modern workplaces.