How Much Does It Cost To Implement SharePoint?


Microsoft introduced SharePoint in 2001, and since then, it has become the most sought-after corporate collaboration platform across the globe. Initially, MS SharePoint focuses on content management, intranet, and document management. However, the latest versions and updates provide better features and customization options, making it more valuable and effective for both individual and business users.

SharePoint is equally effective as an intranet and collaboration portal for internal users, and as an extranet for external users due to its feature options like business analytics and enterprise search. SharePoint also has impeccable workflow automation, and process and system integration capabilities.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the licensing and implementation cost of SharePoint along with the licensing plans that are available to choose from.

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How Much Does SharePoint Online Cost?

SharePoint Online is available in two primary plans i.e. SharePoint Online 1 which costs $5/user/month and SharePoint Online Plan 2 which costs around $10/user/month. Let’s learn about these plans and their costs one by one.

Features of SharePoint Online Plan 1

The first plan i.e. SharePoint Online Plan 1 is ideal for both small and medium-sized enterprises. This plan comes along as a component of the package for both OneDrive and SharePoint.  You can get this plan for $5/user/month, but an inclusive annual commitment. Let’s have a look at the features that you get with SharePoint Online Plan 1.

  • SharePoint Plan 1 enables you to share your business documents and data seamlessly.
  • It provides you with complete security of your data and information, even when you access the data from a location outside the organization.
  • It provides you with 1TB of cloud storage for every individual user.
  • You get synced to the local document pages for offline viewing.
  • You can edit your documents’ local copies on PCs and Mac.
  • Multiple users can co-author a document simultaneously by using Microsoft apps of their convenience.
  • It enables you to efficiently handle and organize the content, lists, and libraries.
  • You get to use free features like record administration, metadata, and retention policies.
  • It allows you to index content and search people, wherever required.
  • SharePoint Online Plan 1 is also available for mobile applications.
  • You can access SharePoint Mobile Apps and OneDrive on Android and Windows phones.
  • Last, but not least, it supports fast track development.


Furthermore, SharePoint Online Plan 1 allows you to link and inform your people with intranets and portals. It offers amazing communication websites. A great feature of this plan is to connect your team with the content, expertise, and processes. And, in case of inquiries, you get 24/7 phone support system to resolve all your concerns.

MS SharePoint Plan 1 provides restricted accessibility to company features. For instance, you get free access to check out allowed web pages and view Visio diagrams. You can also check out embedded data insights within the content. Above all, MS SharePoint Online Plan 1 is only licensed for commercial use.

Features of SharePoint Online Plan 2

SharePoint Online Plan serves the need of large-scale business organizations. It provides you the full-featured, ultimate access to Microsoft SharePoint, including all the capabilities and functions needed by huge businesses. SharePoint Online Plan 2 costs $10/user/month.

SharePoint Online Plan 2 is actually very different from MS SharePoint Plan 2. Apart from the features, the first plan offers, Plan 2 provides you with many additional features.

  • MS SharePoint Plan 2 provides you with an amazing range of customized search selections to meet company search compatibility.
  • You get to enjoy unlimited access to SharePoint cloud storage. Conversely to Plan 1, where you get to use only 1TB of storage per user.
  • MS SharePoint Online Plan 2 provides you with a data search option as well. Whether you are looking for some legal or litigation matters, you can easily access the digital format data.
  • Plan 2 allows you to access real-time workflows and DLP capabilities. This feature is essential for securing, monitoring, and recognizing sensitive and confidential organizational data.
  • The plan also protects your data from being deleted or edited.


SharePoint Online Plan 2 provides you with complete access to the company’s features. So, if you have a huge company, the MS SharePoint Online Plan 2 is the perfect choice for you.

SharePoint Online Plan & MS Office 365 Enterprise Licensing

MS Office 365 Enterprise licensing for SharePoint is probably the most endured element. But, it is very important to pay attention to the varied products available for SharePoint Administrators to work with. Additionally, you can also check which licenses are used by consumers to interact with other apps.

Fairly speaking, SharePoint Plan 1 restricts users in a lot of ways. It enables storing documents and creating intranets; but it restrains access to other MS Office 365 apps such as video conferencing, chat, and workflow automation. So, in that case, you can buy the SharePoint Plan1 license, but in blend with Office 365 apps. And, when it comes to Office 365 apps, you can choose from three options i.e. Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Essentials, and Office 365 Business Premium. Obviously, each plan offers different accessibility levels and features.

1. Office 365 Business Premium

With access to an email hosting service of 50gigabytes mailbox to custom email address, Office 365 Business Premium is the best version to be used. You get to use MS Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, custom apps, custom portals, and extra file storage. Office 365 Business Plan costs you around $12/month for every 5 users for the annual commitment plan; whereas $15/month for the monthly commitment plan.

2. Office 365 Business Essentials

Although it does not offer a 50GB email hosting mailbox and custom email domain, it still allows you to use MS Office Desktop apps.  The Office 365 Business costs $8/month per 5 users for annual commitment and $10 for monthly commitment plan.

3. Office 365 Business Premium

This plan offers you a 50GB email hosting mailbox and also a custom email domain address, but it does not allow you to use desktop apps optimally. The service charges $5 per user per month for an annual commitment and $6 for a monthly commitment.


Being a business owner, you need to make sure that everything is working fine. By using SharePoint, you can easily get solutions and apps that can help you resolve your business concerns. SharePoint Online also helps in improving process integration and workflow automation. SharePoint is a great platform for empowering your business teams by providing them with dynamic and productive sites. If you also want to get SharePoint Online implementation for your business, then click here and connect with Code Creators Inc. which is the leading SharePoint Development Company in the USA and Canada.