How Augmented Reality Will Impact Businesses in 2019


Augmented reality is one word that you will hear around quite often now, as it is a growing technology for a demand that is even bigger than its supply is for now. Several businesses have developed an interest in this technology which has caused developers all over the world to adapt to this unique technology, and its powerful frameworks do that virtual reality app may be created. Augmented reality is expected to grow even more in demand in 2019. But what does that mean for your business?

Beneficial for Businesses of All Industries

Augmented reality has become quite an interest to businesses in all industries such as traveling, media & entertainment and especially in gaming, marketing and education. As a whole, augmented reality proves that it has a lot of potential for growth, innovation, and profitability for businesses.


AR is recognized as a creative and innovative technology that allows connection with the audience. In 2019, various marketing agencies are expected to take advantage of this technology and improve their way of communicating with their customers.

Apple AR Kit

Ever since Apple launched its AR Kit, it was set that AR would impact businesses globally. This kit was introduced in 2017, and since then developers have been able to work on AR applications so that they may integrate digital experiences into the world of business. These applications work with iPhone X on iOS 11. It is expected that many phone brands will also try to compete with Apple by creating their versions of smartphones that support AR/VR applications.

Maximum Users

A significant number of online users have already adopted AR technology. Over the years, the shipment of AR tech globally had increased significantly. Ever since Pokemon Go was released to the masses, people got a taste of augmented reality, and they decided they needed more out of it.

Expected Growth for AR

By the year 2020, Augmented Reality’s popularity is set to acquire over 1 billion new users. Futuristic Tech such as AR reality glasses is estimated to sell 5.4 million pieces by 2020.  The overall global market for AR is expected to grow in size significantly, by 90 billion US dollars to be exact by 2020 as well.

AR Applications

The latest technological advancements in the world of AR has led to new applications with interactive abilities to be created. Several new apps that now have AR abilities have either been built or are in the works. Some major, augmented reality apps include Gadget Flow, Eye maps, Housecraft, and Euclidean Lands.

We have understood ways in which augmented reality is set to impact businesses of all industries. From the world of marketing to gaming, to education and onto social networking, there is no field that augmented reality will leave behind. So which one of these most interests you? Write to us and tell us what you think augmented reality’s impact on 2019 will be.