Five Ways Microsoft SharePoint Can Help Your Business Prosper


Increase productivity and efficiency of your business through modern SharePoint technology. SharePoint is an innovative collaborative platform which can help your organization prosper and thrive in a modern competitive business environment.

Microsoft SharePoint is an innovative document management and corporate collaborative tool and platform that is designed to help business organizations to manage and control their internal content and documents. SharePoint can be deployed as a local server under the SharePoint On-Premise settings and can be hosted in cloud under the SharePoint Online setting. It can be deployed within Hybrid environment settings as well. According to Microsoft, SharePoint has now been used by 85% of the Fortune 500 companies; and it is playing an integral role in improving their internal corporate communication, productivity and efficiency.

Due to its tight integration with Office 365, and ability to function as a document management system and corporate intranet, it allows organizations to share, store and retrieve documents with greater effectiveness, as compared to a traditional file management system. SharePoint also ensures that everyone within your organization gets the needed information at their fingertips. SharePoint Online is your gateway when you opt to host in the cloud. SharePoint Online provides a consistent user experience across multiple digital devices, and provide remote access, mobility, web-apps, scalability, enterprise-grade security and compliance.

Today, business organizations are increasingly adopting SharePoint as a source to increase their productivity and efficiency, while ensuring its strategic implementation and alignment with the business vision and objectives. Here, in this blog, we have listed five ways Microsoft SharePoint can help your business to prospers and thrive in modern business environment.

1. Provides Streamlined & Consistent Users Experience

SharePoint is tightly integrated with countless Microsoft applications such as Excels, Word etc. which helps your employees to get free access to them and use them to efficiently complete their everyday tasks. It also simplifies the process of users’ information interaction, while streamlining the processes like document approval, reviews and signature collection, issue reporting and tracking at the same time. Moreover, since SharePoint is a part of Office 365, it means that your organization will need an Office 365 account to use it. This also means that all the software and applications that are already added to your Office 365 packages will also deliver the similar consistent user experience throughout the company; as all your employees will be using the same, updated version of Microsoft apps.

2. Fosters Remote Access & Employee Mobility

As business organization are increasingly adopting initiative concerning remote access, mobility and bring-your-own-device etc. employees are progressively demanding for quick and easy access to the critical business information, any time and from any place. With SharePoint Online and SharePoint Mobile, you can provide your employees with the facility of remote access to your company’s data from anywhere in the world; along with efficient communication and collaboration with on-site employees. This also means that the process of document review, edit, submit and share will never be hindered.

3. Facilitates Quick & Easy Collection of Critical Business Information

Smart electronic forms of SharePoint allow you to collect data from your vendors, partners, customers and even employees while using a simple browser interface. Additionally, the integrated rules of validation ensure accurate and consistent data collection, while the direct interface with strong back-end system eliminates the risks and errors associated with manual data entry. SharePoint forms are customizable and are capable of collecting both simple and complex information.

4. Support Informed Decision Making

SharePoint has interactive and intelligent business portals which allow and organization to gather data and information from disparate data sources, that is critical for the attainment of business objectives. It further goes on in displaying this information in a very user-friendly, visually appealing and convenient format, such as dashboards, graphs, charts etc. so that the employees can make insightful and informed business decisions. SharePoint users can also create personalized views and can also create and share their content for signature and approval.

5. Encourages Workplace Collaboration

With SharePoint’s ability to serve as an intranet, employees of an organization can connect, communicate and collaborate effectively via using a central portal. This especially benefits the organization that have their resources across multiple geographical sites. Formerly, the subsidiaries that were geographical isolated faced to be cut off from the business due to inefficient communication. However, with SharePoint, anyone from any subsidiary can communicate effectively without any hindrance due to geographical distances. In this way, SharePoint fosters the culture of creativity and collaboration and every employee of the organization can use it as a document management system as well as an intranet portal. Alongside, SharePoint also makes the critical organizational information, charts, metrics and goals visible to all the employees, thus providing them a central place to initiate discussions via discussion boards and forums.


Microsoft SharePoint is a very powerful platform which delivers a large number of benefits to business organizations. There is a wide range of benefits that we have not covered in this blog, which include the SharePoint’s ability to serves as an extranet, corporate social networking app, internal search, public facing website detailed charts, reporting and much more. If you also want your organization to reap such benefits of SharePoint, then get yourself the professional services of SharePoint development, consultation and implementation by Code Creators Inc. now; which the leading name in the market when it comes to reliable SharePoint solutions.