How to Enhance Your Productivity Using Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint


The wide range of tasks, that office professionals need to perform every day is increasing exponentially; and this is why it becomes very difficult to organize these tasks while keeping the business priorities and objectives in mind. With Microsoft Office 365, you get a large set of tools, apps, and functionalities that are remarkably helpful in attaining collaboration and teamwork with all your partners, while fostering amazing cooperation, productivity, and profitability at the workplace.

MS Office 365 is basically a tool kit that intends to allow you to use MS Office applications anytime, anywhere on any smart device such as laptop, desktop, or smartphone. Its web-based tool kit also gets you regular permissions and updates for record sharing, while effectively interfacing with users, enabling them to create and edit work in an efficient way. On your job, every minute is precious and this is what Microsoft has kept in mind while designing MS Office 365. The interface of MS Office 365 is designed to offer optimal productivity at the workplace.

Tools like Microsoft SharePoint, in blend with Office 365 enable users to share documents, create and publish content, start a blog, and monitor workflows very effectively only through a few clicks. MS SharePoint along with Office 365 makes a great combination especially when it comes to workplace cooperation and collaboration.

Why MS SharePoint?

The low-maintenance needs and easy-to-use features of SharePoint are what make it one of the most sought-after platforms for business companies all over the world. SharePoint offers a matchless adaptability level due to its highly customizable features while taking care of scalability and productivity. SharePoint offers some serious customization options, and a lot of companies usually do not have complete knowledge of how to exploit the tool to its optimal limit.

Since every organization is unique in its own way, its need and requirements are peculiar too. But, with MS SharePoint, every organization can get the platform customized as per their needs to get their needs best suited, and all their requirements served. Here, we have listed a few ways that Office 365 along with SharePoint can be used to enhance your firm’s productivity in general, without putting too much pressure on your expenses.

SharePoint Websites Are Ideal for Collaboration

With MS SharePoint development, you can easily create a website that can be used to store records or data, to outreach your audience, oversee plans, start a blog and create and monitor workflow.

SharePoint is Meant for Document Storing, Syncing & Co-Authoring

SharePoint offers you smooth integration with OneDrive for Business, which makes it very easy for businesses to share reports and data with anybody while keeping all the data synced and available even when you are offline. OneDrive offers 5TB of data storage in the cloud that is completely safe, secured, and easily accessible. Files stored on OneDrive can be accessed and edited by multiple authors simultaneously and updated versions appear to all the users instantly.

Effortless Video Sharing & Managing

SharePoint Online also offers an effortless video experience with MS Office 365. It enables you to watch and share videos anytime, anywhere by using any device. Spotlight recommendations and custom channels help you discovering video content that is supportive and important for you.

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Impeccable Integration with Your TechStack

People usually get terrified by the thought that SharePoint will only build upon its technological stack. But, in actuality, this is not the case at all. With SharePoint, all you need to see and experience is collaboration and integration of a wide range of tools, apps, web apps, RSS, email, and ESRPs along with various cloud apps and business software. SharePoint is only meant to improve productivity with the least possible glitches and more personal time for the users.

SharePoint Analytics

It is simply useless to collect, store, or share data if you cannot use it adequately. SharePoint Analytics helps you researching and finding any possible issues within your enterprise system that are hindering your productivity regime while putting in a joint effort to overcome that problem. Joint effort through data that can be used to find out the right cause and solution to solve those problems.

Downtime Reduction  

Downtime can simply ruin a business. Formerly, power blackouts, interruptions, and redesigns keep the individuals from working for a longer period of time. However, with MS Office 365, all the data is available in the cloud and is easily accessible through multiple devices and from any location. This implies that the users can access the data in the cloud anytime and can perform tasks whenever they want to avoid downtime.

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How to Increase Your ROI for MS SharePoint?

There are many ways that we have seen that can be used to enhance productivity without taking a deeper dig at your pockets. But, how can you actually increase your ROI by using SharePoint; Let’s learn together.

  1. Contract Management, Employee Performance Assessment, and Recruiting instantly show an upsurge in productivity when their processes are automated. With MS Office 365 and SharePoint, you can consider instant enhancement in your process through automation.
  2. Placing rapidly the correct data to effective, instant use along with full cooperation throughout the platform saves a lot of unproductivity costs.

Begin with Office 365 SharePoint Today

MS Office 365 and SharePoint can do a vast number of tasks in a joint effort and for improving the overall productivity of the organization. Along these lines, let’s recall the significant facts so that you never forget why your organization needs SharePoint.

SharePoint is a collaborative tool that is very simple and handy to access from any device. SharePoint improves the overall coordination and productivity of your workplace by enabling you to co-create, have version control, managing access rights, protecting data, and much more.

Nevertheless, to make the tool really effective, you need to choose your SharePoint Development partner correctly. For assistance and guidance, talk to Microsoft Certified SharePoint Developer at Code Creators Inc. Click here to connect.