How to Enhance SharePoint Application Development Capabilities


Initially sold as document management and storage system, Microsoft SharePoint has come a long way when it comes to developing powerful apps that fulfill key business processes. It lets developer customize the templates as per their needs or develop their own templates from scratch but Microsoft itself offers up to forty SharePoint 3.0 application templates which offer out-of-the-box solutions for specific business processes such as tracking marketing campaigns and help desk coordination.

If you are interested in developing on SharePoint, you should know ways to enhance SharePoint application development.

Sharing and Publishing Information

If you are the kind of person who gets anxious seeing a humungous amount of tools and panels on the user interface, SharePoint was made for you. It has a UI that’s very easy to use. It is so simple that the first page of the application can developed instantly.

This is not the only advantage. SharePoint lets you modify pages, modify content, add interactivity and apply themes. These benefits make SharePoint an optimal tool in your toolbox for developing a good looking site which meets immediate business needs. This helps reduce the cost required for these operations.

Wider Espousal

SharePoint attracts people at any company or organization with its attractive and easy user interface. People who are reluctant to try new technologies adopt it easily because it is simple. SharePoint sites are easy to use and easy to create. If you have some other technologies running in your workplace and you are afraid that bringing SharePoint to the scene may make a mess of things, you must not worry as SharePoint works in harmony with all other technologies. For instance, you can directly save your Microsoft Word document to SharePoint sites.

Once you save your documents on SharePoint, you can easily access them offline. Not only can you access your documents and list, you can also modify and edit them. Once you gain internet connectivity, all the changes you made online in your documents and lists get synchronized. You can access SharePoint sites anywhere and anytime because they work on all browsers and mobile devices.

Enhanced SharePoint Workspace

A great features of SharePoint workspace is that it provides local and offline access to SharePoint lists and libraries. This site owner can modify these lists and libraries whenever it is required. Besides that there is an advanced SharePoint ribbon that enables you to import external business data locally and synchronize it with the server. Once you have made changes in any file saved in SharePoint workspace, SharePoint only synchronizes the changes instead of synchronizing whole file, saving a lot of bandwidth.

Higher Collaboration

SharePoint improves collaboration among the people within an organization by providing them access to different discussions, tasks, calendars, wikis, pictures, video and blogs. User can easily find all the content and edit it when required.

 Detailed User Profiles

New and enhanced user profiles in SharePoint lets team members be acquainted with each other and stay informed about each other’s interest and expertise. This provides for better coordination between team members. Even though all the information can be added to the profile, user can pick which information to display publicly.

SharePoint My Sites

SharePoint has something for everyone which means that My Sites functionality can be made available to all individuals within an organization. The individuals can customize and personalize their sites helping other team members to collaborate with them when they need assistance or simply need to ask questions about their interests and projects. The users can follow each other through Newsfeed which lets user see updates and documents from fellow users.

Large Lists and Libraries

SharePoint accommodates large lists and libraries. These lists and libraries are easily navigable with metadata driven navigation. You can do a quick search for the list or library that you are looking for. SharePoint libraries have a large holding capacity which reduces the infrastructure investment requirement by a considerable amount

Document Sets

SharePoint isn’t your tedious ordinary emailing system where you go and browse the files one by one and upload them individually. On SharePoint, you can make a set of a large number of documents and share them. This ensures that no files goes missing making SharePoint document sharing very reliable.

Ease of Content Searching

SharePoint has the capability to serve as an enterprise content management tool. You can search for any information that you are looking for quickly and easily. Not only can you look for data but you can also search for your colleagues even when it is hard for you to remember names or when you are working in a culturally diverse environment where names are just difficult to keep in mind.


It is easy to set security for SharePoint sites. You can pick what you share with the outside world and what you share within the organization. You can create permissions and permission level for all your content and you can create security groups as well. You can bet that your organization’s data is secure with SharePoint.

SharePoint solution make collaboration on different tasks very smooth increasing the productivity at the organization. It can be integrated easily with Microsoft tools and make management of all documents very reliable. It also assists in content management, making editing, adding and removing content easy for authorized individual. No one should miss out on this tool that’s easy to use, secure and reliable.