What Is the Cost of Upgrading My SharePoint Environment?


There comes a time after the successful release of every latest, best or biggest software, that you think to yourself that ‘Should I also adopt it? The other though that rushes to your mind right after this question is that, ‘I am happy with what I have’. But as the time passes, the voice echoes back and started to become louder in your mind, that ‘Why not’? The newer version will be going to offer better features, faster performance and improved functionalities. And most importantly, ‘everyone else is getting it too’.

Well, the case is pretty much similar in the corporate world too. Although, the focus is a lot more on the functionality and cost, that the upgrade will be going to offer. Being a tech-savvy business owner, you may also think of getting the latest software, but your focus will remain on the cost, functionality and ROI.

This is certainly the case with Microsoft’s supreme collaborative platform SharePoint 2019. If you are also a part of the corporate world and considering an upgrade to the latest SharePoint version, you must read on this post. But before this, we would recommend you taking a short survey to assess some important factors that you need to consider while projecting the cost of your upgrade. Complete the questionnaire below.

How Much Will My SharePoint Upgrade Will Cost?

For those who are planning for SharePoint upgrade, things could be frustrating, especially the cost projection. It is very common that you get the answer of ‘it depends’ from most of the vendors you ask about prices; but this is actually true. Sadly, because SharePoint upgrade or migration projects involve various variables and moving parts. Therefore, pricing of SharePoint projects is dependent on multiple factors. However having this variability doesn’t mean that exact prices cannot be projected.

For instance, at Code Creators Inc., we have managed hundreds of SharePoint upgrade and migration projects, that helped us determining the predominant factors that makes up the large part of the overall cost of a SharePoint project. And even if the exact estimates cannot be made without comprehensive calculations of all the factors going to be involved within the migration; ball park cost approximations can be made confidently, only by reviewing key assets of the enterprise.

Size & Scope

An important factor that needs to be precisely articulated when quoting prices for SharePoint migration project is its exact size and scope. For instance, you need to know the number of documents or content sources exactly that you want to be migrated. Also, the total size of the content, files or document must also be known. In term of cost, a migration project tends to be expensive, if it requires data migration from multiple spreadsheets, websites and databases; as compared to the one which requires simple data migration from a typical CMS. It is simple, migrating quite a lot of terabytes of content will obviously be costlier than migration of few hundred GBs.

Project Scheduling

Right scheduling of the project also plays a significant role in determining the total cost of the SharePoint migration project. If you have tight external and internal deadlines, then you can anticipate a corresponding rise in the total price; for the fact that accelerated migration process requires a greater coordination and allocation of the resources.

Number of Users & Sites

Last, but not the least is the number of sites and users that tends to impact the overall cost and complexities of your SharePoint’s migration project. Just like the content size, this is also obvious. Higher number of site collections or users are going to cost higher for migration.

How Much Will SharePoint Migration Will Cost?

So let’s come back to our question again. How much will SharePoint migration will cost? While it is impossible to calculate the exact numbers in cost, answering the above factors can help you getting a closer estimate that you can throw with confidence. Unless your SharePoint migrations has extreme complexities, you can reasonably expect your project cost to lie between $30,000 to $80,000 (for robust and large enterprise systems).

Elucidating the fact, there are various project aspects that can be covered within the planning phase ranging from feasibility assessment to document migration and content inventories. Planning is way cheaper than actual migration and can run anywhere between $15,000 to $20,000. Conversely, poor or lack of planning can bring about expensive reworks and irreversible mistakes too.

Save Your Money with Efficient Planning

One of the best tip that can help you save a lot on your SharePoint migration project’s cost is effective planning and site mapping. At Code Creators Inc. we always begin with detailed analysis and planning to maintain high visibility while keeping the cost down. Every SharePoint migration implementation at Code Creators is heavily reliant on well-thought site mapping. For some people, it might seem useless to begin with such comprehensive planning before implementation, but in reality, efficient planning can bring down your cost by several thousand dollars.

SharePoint experts at Code Creators experts ensure that your cost and time are managed at the minimal; while keeping the complexities of the project in mind. Whether you have a large or small enterprise, if you are opting for SharePoint upgrade, we would be more than happy to invite you talk to our experts for free consultation and project discussion. Click here to connect with us.