Best Practices for Personalized Application Development


Basically, Personalized application development is one key feature in the I.T industry however, in this growing era of technology we are moving very rapidly in the field of information technology. However working in this field we have to move with latest technology being widely used today. If we talk about application development we may observe that application development may include many different type of applications in which there would be Desktop apps (which we can operate and execute on personal computers), mobile applications (can use on your smart phones), web applications (browser based run on both pc and mobile), IOT based application (apps uses object to communicate with user and return the output) A.I based applications ( these apps are one of the most useful and rarely preferred by many users these apps may have the ability of machine learning as well as predictions with respect to data) .

As, it is described that how many different type of applications are rarely used in the world today and even though growing of technology may have other type of application development in future. Let’s talk about some application development in which we develop and design those apps to be used in our daily purpose as well as to solve our daily life problems such applications are known as personalized application development. In these type of application development it includes Samsung smart monitoring apps, smart manager, google assistant, google home, Amazon ALEXA etc. These different type of applications is widely being used today for personal purposes.

In personalized application development the goal of the app is to fulfill the particular user requirements and needs used in daily purpose. However for this it must be clearly observed that the app being development fills the user’s particular field of personalization with respect to its health, daily walk, daily travelling, Home security etc.

For development of personalized apps, one of the most important key factor is that if the app satisfies the users’ needs for personalization and its daily based requirements so that application may be a good source of doing good business. Because many users install the apps with respect to their needs and for the entertainment purpose. As well as we can also market our some useful products for these type of users in order to improve the organization productivity as well as a sign of doing good business in the field of application.

Another important and major key factor that must be highlighted is that, the app being developed must have an ease and good experience for the user in order to use the app. Because if the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) is not well managed or executed so our app would last just for seconds in users device. We have to make sure the user satisfaction for best productivity.

Nowadays to deliver the best experience to the user is to involve some kind of object or hardware to make the user entertained by its functionality which can be done by Internet Of Things (IOT) in which the user’s communication is with the respected hardware which help the user to process data and give expected result this can be done through IOT. However, to process such data we designed some interesting hardware based on Arduino and raspberry pi that used to fulfil the gap between the user and another object that from which it want to communicate. We can also design some security related apps and anti-theft apps so that where ever the user is he can monitor everything with this type of apps.

Benefits of Personalized Application Development:-

As it is discussed that how the personalized applications works according to users daily needs, following are its main benefits:

1. The user have a great and new experience of this type of app.
2. The user can manage its data with respect to its needs.
3. The user can communicate to its device or any object depending on the type of application.
4. The user’s data is observed by the app on daily bases & provided some feedback or further predictions for future work.
5. Health relevant apps are good for user to keep them fit and healthy.
6. Beside it is a good source of productivity for the developers.

Custom Application Development Best Practices:-

Custom software development is the designing of software applications for a specific user or group of users within an organization. However, these kind of applications are used for the specific task like any company used to assign task to its employee’s.

In these type of projects the development team have only a specific task to overcome and design the software in such a way that all functional and non-functional requirements are fulfilled. However , the design pattern much me flexible which means that it can handle every bug lifecycle and any change of requirement because in custom applications there is a rapid change in requirements.

In these type of projects the development team have been provided a particular time period and limited budget to complete the project and to overcome they follow different software engineering techniques to develop the project within the given deadline and must be well tested and executed before delivering to the clients. However, these are the important factors for the best custom application development.