Top Advantages Of Migrating Your SharePoint To Online Version


Thanks to the recent developments made by the Microsoft – SharePoint has developed as a very promising platform, since it has been moved to Office 365 services on the cloud. Office 365 is a cloud service by Microsoft which bring along SharePoint Online too. In blend with each other, Office 365 and SharePoint Online are helping businesses to improve their communication and collaboration. Several business enterprises have already taken leverage the benefits offered by SharePoint Online, and this has become the biggest reason which leads to its mass adoption.

A recent survey report by the Global SharePoint Industry shows that SharePoint 2016 experienced a 67% increases in its deployments, while the deployment of SharePoint Online boosted by 167%. Still, there are many companies that are hesitant to migrate their data and content to the cloud. So, if you are thinking about migrating from your On-Premises SharePoint version to SharePoint Online, here are the top advantages as well as reason that will help you decide.

1. Easier External User Access Management

SharePoint Online has come up with the resolutions to all the issues and limitations, that were encountered by the users of SharePoint On-Premises. Now users of SharePoint Online are enjoying amazing ability and liberty of content sharing to the external users. They can now share folders, sites and individual documents with any external user who has a corporate e-mail address linked to their Microsoft Account. Also, guest links can be assigned to the users for special edit permissions or for specific reading.

2. Upgrade to OneDrive for Business

SharePoint Online also provides your business with an access to OneDrive, which allows you to share and store data and file in the cloud. OneDrive for Business provides organizations a safe place to put all their working data and files, along with the ability to collaborate and share them externally and internally on any device. When you save you document to the folder of “My Document” on OneDrive, it also allows you to assign permission for any specific access. Also, the new feature of “Sync Client” enable you to sync your files to SharePoint sites from OneDrive for Business. Finally, OneDrive also offers you a mobile-friendly experience and helps you with the analytics about the consumption of your documents.

3. No Delays for New Updates & Features

Microsoft has a highly proactive strategy when it comes to communicating their new features and latest updates. User of Office 365 and SharePoint Online enjoys the privilege of receiving new releases, upgrades and updates at the earliest as compared to those who use the On-Premise version of SharePoint Online.

4. Get Exclusive Features That Only Comes Along with SharePoint Online

Some of the services that are available under the wing of Office 365 along with SharePoint Online include PowerApps, Office Graph, Delve and Microsoft Automate (MS Flow formerly). Apart from this, SharePoint Online has great integration abilities to get along with multiple MS apps and other enterprise systems.

5. Get Access to SharePoint Online Anywhere, Anytime

As suggested by their names, SharePoint Online and Office 365 allow their users to get access from anywhere in the world, anytime. Users of SharePoint Online are also not restricted to a single network or device, in fact, they can work offline on their documents too, while syncing their content to Windows Explore from SharePoint Online. And, any changes that have been made to the content while Offline, will be updated and uploaded as soon as the user will reconnect to the internet connection. Another interesting factor considering mobility is SharePoint’s new mobile application. The new SharePoint App infuses all the intelligence from Office Graph, which makes it easier to get the user experience track within and through the SharePoint mobile app. It is personalized based on the user’s activity within their SharePoint portal, and how they interact with other users etc.

6. Scale Up Easily & Only Pay For What You Need

The ecosystem of Office 365 allows you to only pay for what you actually need and use. Monthly subscription models of SharePoint Online allow you to remove and add users as you scale up or scale down with your organization. For instance, you can easily reassign the user license or simply remove it, when a user leaves the company. The similar scalability is also applicable to the data storage side of Office 365, which asks you to only pay for the storage amount that you use. And, you can simply scale up your license for additional storage space with few simple steps. Pricing structure for Office 365 and SharePoint Online is also every flexible, and you can choose from various plans, that precisely suit your business needs. SharePoint and Office 365 comes in both monthly and annual subscription options and varies according to the number of users that you want to connect under a particular plan.

7. Improvements In Compliance & Security

As mentioned above, the ecosystem of MS Office 365 allows you to pay only for what you need, and their monthly subscription models also allow to remove or add users as changes are made to your organization. Although MS Cloud is often questioned for its data security, however, SharePoint Online has multiple security layers that protect your data. These security layers include Physical Layer of Security including Motion Sensors, Biometrics and 24/7 Video Surveillance. Then comes Data Encryption that Microsoft achieve through SSL Secured traffic and BitLocker Encryption. The option of Information Right Management also provides an additional encryption layers which helps managing and controlling sensitive data. Finally, there are security layers like Backup, Identity Protection and Data Misuse.

8. No Extra IT Resource Requirements

When migrating to SharePoint Online from your On-Premises SharePoint versions, you are not required to perform unnecessary tasks like OS maintenance, backups, SharePoint patches etc. Instead, your IT team can invest its time in making overdue improvements to other important tasks or to your intranet. SharePoint Cloud simply reduces you hassles of managing internal IT resources, you don’t need to buy any hardware.


It is not a whole new concept to migrate to cloud. However, embracing SharePoint Online can benefit your enterprise in many ways. Moving to SharePoint Online or continue using SharePoint On-Premises is totally dependent on your business needs, strategy and direction. So, if you are planning to migrate to SharePoint Online, your company would need a concrete migration strategy and a clear understanding of the costs that will be involved, the tools that will be used and the resources that will be involved. With sufficient education and time, your in-house IT team can also be of great help. However, if you are facing any time crunch issues, or your IT team already have too much on its plate to deal with the migration matters, then you can connect to Code Creators Inc. anytime to get guidance from our SharePoint Consultants and SharePoint Developers.