6 Reasons Why SharePoint 2016 Hybrid is the Best in Future?


SharePoint 2016 has seen a major shift towards integrated cloud capabilities. Taking a step into future, the new version now employs hybrid technology. The SharePoint Server 2016 allows users to benefit from cloud based infrastructure while managing on-premise apps and data.

With “cloud-accelerated experiences”, the on-premises version will see a boost its features. The latest version places greater focus on content management, team collaboration and user experiences across multiple devices. It combines the cloud with existing on-premises functions in a new way with great efficiency.

The hybrid features have seen an immense improvement in SharePoint 2016. Not only does it make it easier to manage content, but greatly enhances the experience for administrators as well as end users.

Some of the prominent upgrades made in SharePoint 2016 are mentioned below.

1. Enhanced Search

Sharepoint Hybrid 2016 features a unified search – user can index and crawl content from SharePoint online and on-premise both. The hybrid search offers a remarkable feature. It allows you to perform the search across both systems from a single place.

2. Easier Configuration

Setting up SharePoint had been a daunting task, even for some of the most seasoned professionals. The SharePoint 2016 has made it extremely easier for users to configure and set up on your own.

3. One Drive Integration

Moreover, you can now share, store and collaborate across multiple devices with greater convenience, one of the perks of going hybrid. Microsoft SharePoint 2016 allows you to access One Drive through any platform from anywhere. And while giving you greater access, it also grants greater storage capacity up to 1 terabyte. You get the-best-of-both environment and enjoy more flexibility.

4. App Launcher

The App Launcher adds to your convenience by letting you navigate across Microsoft 365 and SharePoint easily.

5. Team Sites

Furthermore, you can now view sites that you follow on Office 365 and on-premise from one place. The hybrid team sites are compiled and can be accessed from Office 365.

6. Simpler Controls

The new version boasts ease of use across its features. You can create organize and share documents in One Drive and Business without much hassle. The new version introduces simpler controls and easy-to-use functions.

New hybrid capabilities backed by cloud technology makes SharePoint 2016 a standout product. While enhancing user convenience, the new version adds various possibilities to on-premise as well as online.

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