5 Reasons Why You Need a SharePoint Consultant Firm for Your Small Business?


You acquired SharePoint or Office 365 for your enterprise, it configured well and working great with your workflows and email accounts. And now, the time for migrating your information and documents to a central location has arrived, so that the actual purpose of SharePoint can be fully attained, i.e. effective workplace collaboration. You successfully managed to make it to the homepage of your newly SharePoint site, but this is where the reality of the platform begins to settle. Now, you have noticed that somehow the things have not tuned out as you anticipated. This has made you worried about how to make the most out of this super-capable tool so that it delivers a productive, efficient and collaborative environment to your company.

Here comes the two choice to your plate, i.e., either ‘Do It Yourself’ or ‘Hire a SharePoint Consultant’. This blog will help you providing five foremost reasons to small business for hiring SharePoint consulting services or third-party SharePoint experts for implanting SharePoint.

  1. It is Not Dropbox

One of the biggest misconception that I heard a lot is that people think and compare SharePoint with DropBox and even with the files shares and network drives. The case being n truth is that DropBox was designed for improving simplicity in cloud file sharing and synchronization among various portable devices. On the contrary, SharePoint is designed as a completely independent ecosystem meant to resolve the complex need of large enterprises while enhancing collaboration. It’s been more than 18 years, we have SharePoint with us, yet enterprises lack basic information about the platform, which result in its inefficient or unproductive performance and poor integration with existing business system and other business application. Therefore, to avoid the bottlenecks concerning knowledge, we strongly recommend you to hire an expert SharePoint consultant.

  1. Small Business Are Not the Primary Target Audience of SharePoint

SharePoint is designed, licensed and sold as an on-premises/cloud-based collaborative platform for medium to large size organizations, which indicates that its small businesses are not its primary target market. Hence, if you are experiencing any issues, it could be due to the incompatibility between your organizational infrastructure. Because for having SharePoint as an enterprise-level collaborative solution, you need serious investments to be made in organizational infrastructure. In that case, SharePoint Online or Office 365 Cloud offerings are found to be more cost-effective and efficient. However, large organizations have designated staff dedicated to manage SharePoint exclusively, but small enterprises don’t. Hence, hiring a third-party SharePoint consultant to get your desired interfaces and customization build as per your choice.

  1. SharePoint Is a Full-Time Job

We would strongly recommend to cancel your SharePoint or Office 365 subscription immediately if dumping your files to SharePoint from you former DropBox or network drive, or sharing the URLs with the employees are your only targets. Trust us; this will save a lot of your money, time and efforts. Expecting SharePoint to do the tasks of a DropBox is like expecting an aeroplane doing the job of a bicycle. It is simple, almost all of us know how to drive a bicycle, but few know to fly an aeroplane, because it involves so much of complicated electronics and technology. Hence, to get that expertise at your disposal, hiring an expert SharePoint consultant is obligatory.

  1. Getting It Wrong Is Unaffordable

SharePoint implementation requires a well-thought strategy and dedicated implementation. It is not like DropBox or a network drive, that you simply create an account, sign-in or download the app, and done. SharePoint instead requires you to think and brainstorm through all the architecture, information, site and sub-site structure and navigation, permission settings, security groups, governance, metadata configuration and much more. Ignore all these things, and your SharePoint will instantly become a dumpster. Hence, it is always advisable to get the things started with the help of an expert SharePoint consultant to avoid any mess.

  1. Keeping Up Pace of SharePoint Evolution Is Crucial

Being an advanced technology tool, SharePoint is constantly evolving and growing with new web parts, customization features and apps coming now and then. Every release in the past, i.e. SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 had come up with new features and interface changes etc. So is the case with SharePoint 2019, and the next release is anticipated to be even bigger and better. The pace of these changes has been dramatically accelerated by Microsoft, and therefore to get these advanced changes to your enterprise, you need to get the help of SharePoint consultant firms because they keep themselves updates and equipped with every new technology, features available in the market.

We believe that you find this blog helpful. When all’s said and done, whether you hire a third-[arty SharePoint consultant or do-it-yourself, it is entirely your business decision, but we would recommend you to partner with an expert SharePoint consultancy like Code Creators to avoid any risk factors associated to SharePoint migration.