10 Reasons to Use SharePoint On-Premises for Project Management


Organizations have now started using SharePoint on premises for effective project workflows and it remains unparalleled in this aspect. With more and more companies turning to the cloud as an option for their Project Management, there are good arguments that still make SharePoint on-Premises a valid choice. In a nutshell, let’s touch upon the most crucial points that make me convince you any enterprise can opt for employing SharePoint On-Premises to control its activities and projects.

Reason 1: Data Sovereignty & Security

The best thing about using SharePoint On-Premises is the 100% ownership you get for your data as well as your system security. You will be able to design tailored security measures so that it keeps essential data about the project within your internal network. Adopting this approach allows an organization’s products or services to abide by the set rules in the given market, builds public trust which reduces the risk of storing sensitive information externally. In essence, businesses operating in industries that subject them to high regulations can find a secure data environment particularly reassuring.

Reason 2: Customization and Integration                                

Although SharePoint On-premises is not as advanced or sophisticated as most other options available for purchase in the market today, it provides the flexibility of creating a unique project development system for an organization. Additionally, it facilitates a smooth connection of the hosted services with on-premises applications and internal system of the business entity for a more congruous virtual ambiance. A major advantage is the flexibility of the product, and an organization can design its work process to suit efficient project management. Customizations and integrations are required to create a collaborative and unified project management environment that goes hand in hand with an organisation’s goals.

Reason 3: Performance and Scalability

Quality is a paramount concern in project management. In terms of scaling and performance, it is best suited for big amounts of data and many members of an organization. Secondly, this results in scaling of requirements that ensures uniform performance while preventing decline in quality for growing projects. As well, local tuning of hardware configurations on-site provides a dependable and effective environment. Scalability is an important consideration in systems designed for organizations with unpredictable project portfolios and which may want to remain in such a system for long periods of time without making any changes.

Reason 4: Offline Access

Microsoft offers some services that enable SharePoint On-premise for offline access like document synchronization using SharePoint Workspace or OneDrive for business. It allows users to do local work on files and sync those changes while offline. Nevertheless, it can be used to a certain extent based on its specific configurations. Although it is helpful in cases of limited internet connectivity but can hardly guarantee smooth productivity under difficult networking conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the synchronization process well to avoid conflicts or data losses during synchronization to the SharePoint server.

Reason 5: Cost Control

Project cost predictability is a crucial issue for the market of the project management systems. This is where the single fixed licensing cost of SharePoint On-Premises scores very high and facilitates company’s overall budgetary planning. Unlike some subscription-based cloud solutions like SharePoint, On-premises give companies scope to budget and control costs over the long haul. It has a very high cost for companies striving for soundness and transparent accounting of project costs.

Reason 6: Enterprise Search Capabilities

SharePoint’s search feature is very strong and allows project teams to access appropriate information directly from the on premise. Furthermore, the scope of searching includes document content, metadata, user profiles, and critical data. This avoids unnecessary search and helps team members focus on carrying out the project.

Reason 7: Advanced Workflow Automation

SharePoint On-premises makes it possible to develop sophisticated workflow automation tailored towards an organization’s specific project management processes. It gives ultimate flexibility to support complex approval approvals and automated tasks while minimizing manual operation and being highly efficient. Automation goes as far as this is helpful, for instance projects with plenty of stages/elements that are intertwined.

Reason 8: Enterprise-Level Collaboration

Additionally, it provides its users with document libraries, version control, and allows for real-time authoring. Additionally, it creates an environment of harmony in the project management space where team members can communicate properly, exchange ideas, and attain the success of the projects. In addition, it inter-operates well with Microsoft Office products making for better collaborative work as well.

Reason 9: Comprehensive Document Management

Proper document management is essential for successful project management. Talking about that, SharePoint On-premises is excellent due to its function of acting as a centre repository for project documents and enabling sharing between persons or groups. However, this kind of management facilitates teams to follow up with recent updates which help in removing misunderstandings and errors.

Reason 10: Long-Term Support & Stability

Unlike many other companies that sell services, MS offers its business partners updates on SharePoint, patches and even additional security changes over the years. Acceptable and stable solutions that are significant for all organizations seeking a solution regarding their project management should not always be changing cloud-based solutions.


While SharePoint on premise can be considered as a possible alternate option for companies that value more control, flexibility and security as compared to cloud-based project management solutions. This platform offers a wide range of options as well as on-premises advantages, which makes it an appealing option to consider for those organizations seeking to improve their project management performance. Go the extra mile to select the right item that can serve well for what your organization wants out of the project outcomes. Enhance your project management, foster teamwork, and protect your records using Code Creators Inc’s SharePoint Services.

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